A Gamer’s Review – BenQ W1070 Projector

Hello All!

Luckily, I was able to get my hands on the new BenQ w1070 (I don’t think it is even selling yet in the states).  For those not familiar, it is an entry level DLP, 1080p projector with 3D capabilities!  This projector will retail for ~$1100 and a number of folks were hoping a review of this projector before the holidays, so I’m glad I was able to follow through.  🙂  Hopefully, I can help a few prospective projector owners make an informed decision.  Read on!

As stated before, the BenQ w1070 is a DLP projector.  Typically, this means you are going to be limited a bit on placement flexibility compared to a 3LCD type projector.  The W1070 does have a small amount of physical vertical lens shift, but you need a screw driver to make adjustments.  For the horizontal adjustments, BenQ implements software keystone correction.  The combination isn’t the worst I’ve seen, and it’s kinda surprising to see physical shift at all on a DLP projector, but it certainly isn’t the best.   I was unable to fill my screen with the w1070 in the location that I currently shelf mount my 6500UB, so placement location should not be an after thought if you are thinking about this projector.  You will need to do some planning and preferably center this projector with the screen (at least horizontally).

The interface for making zoom/focus adjustments not very ergonomic.  I found it annoying to try to make fine adjustments in these areas and would definitely recommend a design overhaul for next year’s model.

I’m a bit torn on whether to say this projector is  “portable” or not.   It is certainly smaller than the monster of a projector I had in last week (Epson 5020e), but it’s not ultra tiny and the zoom/focus/lens shift is designed in a way that makes me never want to touch it again after I finally get it adjusted properly.   There are, however, a couple features that add some serious points to portablility appeal.   First, audio in/out connections!   I have criticized a lot of projectors in the past for not having these so  I really like to see these included, especially on a projector with built in speakers.  So, thank you BenQ!

As hinted at earlier, the BenQ w1070 does have built in speakers.  Again, not a replacement for a nice audio setup, but the speakers on this projector are as loud as any I’ve heard on a projector.  They still get a bit tinny and harsh/distorted at higher volumes, but they can reach higher volumes.

Lastly, the remote is extremely tiny!  Like, 3/4 of a normal sized snickers bar tiny.  I would probably lose it, but some may prefer the size.  The biggest failure of the remote to me wasn’t the small size, but the fact it did not have any back lighting for the buttons.   It’s just a simple, inexpensive feature I’d like to see them include.

After making some necessary proximity adjustments, I was able to get the BenQ w1070 centered on my screen and powered up!  You’ll have to wait for the official lumen measurements from Art, but I can say confidently that I was pleased with the brightness of this projector, and for the most part, I kept it in “best mode” during my testing.

As expected for a DLP projector, the image was sharp and crisp.  I used my reference cave scene from Resident Evil 5 to test overall black level and shadow detail.  The BenQ w1070’s performance here is about what I’d expect for a projector in this price range.  This means dark grays (not inky blacks) and enough shadow detail to easily see zombies in dark caves!  🙂

(The photo above was underexposed, the dark blacks are actually dark gray)

There was a bit more light leakage from this projector than I was used to.  I usually don’t mention light leakage because it usually isn’t a problem, but it was bad enough to hurt the overall black level performance so I thought it was worth mentioning.  Again, the black levels are about what we would expect in the price range, but they could have been better if BenQ addressed some light leakage issues.

The brightness of the BenQ W1070 carried over into 3D as well.  If you follow my reviews, you know I’ve been very on the fence about 3D for a while, especially on entry level projectors like this one.   But every time I game in 3D I seem to creep closer and closer to joining the 3D bandwagon.  If 3D is something you are interested in, the BenQ w1070 performs well here.  I’d say the 3D performance is on par with the Epson 5020e.  Yes, the black levels/shadow detail weren’t as good and the colors probably weren’t either, but it was bright and I enjoyed playing GT5 a lot.  So take that comparison for what it is worth…

I did see rainbows, but only slightly and only on dark scenes with bright objects in the background.  I think I may be getting more susceptible to seeing rainbows.  I haven’t had a DLP projector in a while where I have’t seen them.   Oh well…

Finally, that brings us to input lag.   The BenQ w1070 put up some respectable numbers.   (0-40ms) and averaged a solid 20ms.

Obviously, less lag is always better, but this is right where I’d like to see all manufacturers be in terms of input lag.

Overall, it’s a pretty solid projector.  It’s not the best in terms of placement flexibility (somewhat expected as a DLP projector), and I know I’ve bashed the ergonomics a bit, but I do like the w1070.  I would recommend it.  In terms of picture quality and features, I think it is a very well rounded projector.  It’s a bit rough around the edges, but if you are looking for an entry level projector for movies/gaming, you want 3D, and are willing to look past the poor ergonomic design and the crappy remote, it should be on your short list.   All around, I approve.

That’s all for now!




Someone asked me to compare the BenQ w1070 to the Epson 5020e.  When I started the review of the Epson, I mentioned something about how the Epson 5020e was in a different league.  I think that about sums it up.  My statement stands. The BenQ w1070 is a good projector, it just can’t compete with the black level performance and overall image quality of mid level projectors.


News and Comments

  • Ignatius

    Thanks for the review Pete.
    Did you have much chance to test it with ambient light? How would this baby perform in the living room and does it have enough punch to be taking it outdoors in the evening? Bit sad about the issues with placement and focus/zoom controls but definitely not deal breakers.
    Otherwise from you initial impressions it seems to tick all the boxes
    – good overall picture quality
    – good 3D
    – good gaming lag numbers
    – handy features like audio out and in-built speaker
    – fantastic price

    Are you prepared to say that this is the best value for money 3D capable home video/gaming projector on the market or are you gonna leave that to Art ; )

    So tempted to go and order this fella right now but might wait for the final word from Art.

    • Ignatius,

      It should be bright enough for day time use and outdoor events. You obviously are going to see a decrease in contrast, but it’s not like it won’t be able to do it. The thing that I noticed is that there is not much difference in brightness between user modes. So even during the day I would have it in “User 1”.

      Those ticks seem like a pretty good summary. I can’t necessarily say it’s the best, because I haven’t seen the Epson 3010 or the Optoma HD33, and those two would probably be the stiffest competition. But I do think it’s a really good value and that regardless of how it stacks up against those two, it’s a great projector. I’ll try to convince Art to send those my way if people are interested. He does need the W1070 back, so I wont be able to do a side by side of all three.

  • Nice review.

    Two questions, is there any mode other than composite or s-video when the color level and tint controls are useable or is that something no longer useable on all projectors?

    Second if you (I) were to consider a little better projector for home use what would you suggests, say the next best and one better than that?


    • Richard,

      The colors are completely customizable for HDMI in the color management section of the advanced menu. You can access much more detailed fine tuning for each color for a full RGB gray scale balance calibration.

      It’s really tough to suggest “best” projector because everyone is looking for different things. Of the projectors I have seen, I like this one (w1070) in the sub $1500 range, but I have not seen its two biggest competitors (Optoma HD33 or Epson 3010). If I were to upgrade in the sub $3000 range it would be the Epson 5020e.

      Hope that helps

  • Peter

    If you use a nd2 filter it gets black levels almost as good as epson 5020 with out the iris!
    I have compared both side by side.Has a good CMS ,placement flexibility is a bit short,good price for performance in my opinion .

    • Interesting, I’m not sure most users would implement something like this, but I can see how it would help with overall blacks. I would imagine you would need to recalibrate with a filter like this as well?

  • Brian Miller

    Pete, did you test with Smart Eco turned on? Apparently this is important to black levels and overall picture quality. It modulates the lamp level to increase dynamic contrast, and at least one review claims it does this without a lot of visible pumping.

    • I had to check this, and it seems the mode I was using did have this enabled. I changed it to normal and economic and couldn’t see much of a difference. It’s not pitch black in my theater during the day so maybe I’m missing something. The good news is, if it does modulate the lamp level, I didn’t notice any change from normal in terms of brightness…but I also didn’t notice a significant increase in dynamic contrast. I’ll continue to play around and let you know if I can figure out exactly what it is doing.



      • Brian Miller

        Thanks for verifying! FWIW, Smart Eco should have the best of both modes (the brightness of Normal mode and the dark scene black level performance of Economic mode). Maybe that’s why you didn’t see much difference…for example if you were only looking at a bright scene, Smart Eco and Normal should look the same. It is good you didn’t notice any visible pumping due to Smart Eco, but also unfortunate that the black level wasn’t very good even with Smart Eco enabled.

        • It’s not that the black level is bad…it’s just what I would expect from a projector in this price range. I played around with it a bit more, and there are subtle differences in darker scenes, that’s about it.

  • Felipe Nachmanowicz

    The setup limitations seem annoying but since I wouldn’t be looking to move it around too much, I guess its not a big problem for me. But, I must say I was kinda worried about the light leakage.

    I would love to see a comparison between the w1070 and other 3D 1080p PJ’s around the same value, such as the Epson 3010 and the Optoma HD33.

    • Felipe,

      Like I said, the light leakage is not a deal breaker, it’s just worth pointing out because I think it could be improved. I’ll talk to Art, we’ll see if he can send those other projectors my way. I also think these comparisons could be very informative.



      • Felipe Nachmanowicz

        Why, thanks, that would be awesome, really! If you could compare it to the Epson 3020 also… in fact Im not sure yet as how it compares exactly to the 3010, maybe it’s just a few tweaks.

  • Say do they answer questions?

    • I try to! 🙂 It’s only me here and when I’m not reviewing projectors I tend to GTL on weekends…

  • Thanks.

    So I take it the color level and tint controls are not useable??

    The simple ones that can be so handy when you switch to different program.


  • How about when you use the component inputs?


    • Color is available, tint is grayed out and the fine tuning color management is grayed out in advanced options.

  • Thanks.

    You just cannot win with these new projectors…

    I take it all makes and models are like this?


    • I haven’t really paid too close attention. I usually calibrate a color mode via HDMI and select that color mode regardless of the input I’m using.

  • Have you tried any of the 2d to 3d converter add on boxes?

    Or something like this Component (YpbPr) to VGA Converter at:


    Note it has brightness, contrast, color lever adn tint controls.


    • I usually try to avoid using these if I can. It’s not to say they do a bad job, I just haven’t run into a situation where I needed it. Sorry :/

  • Thanks for wll your help.


  • Craig

    Thanks so much for your review! One question: How was the noise level of the projector? I had heard other reviews complain about this so I was just curious…

    I am looking to get my first projector and this was at the top of my list. I am a newbie in this world but am trying to learn and get the best bang for my buck. I really do not care about 3D as my TV has this feature and it frankly does not get used often. Could you give me your best gaming/movie/TV projector in the sub $1500 range? Again, 3D is not an issue, really just looking for picture quality and input lag as deciding factors. Does DLP or LCD take the cake in these categories?

  • Seb

    Hey Pete,

    as a quite serious gamer and moviejunkie – what is the best balance between

    1) input lag
    2) BRIGHT 3D-performance
    3) solid black level?

    in a price range till $2000. And – did you hear about a new epson ew-th 550?

    Best regards,


    • Hey Seb,

      You pose a tough question… The fact is, the W1070 is a really solid projector and performs great on input lag and 3D, but the black levels are about par with what you would expect for the top of the entry level price range. The Epson 5020e gives bright 3D and fabulous black level performance, but is at the upper limit of what I would consider to be acceptable input lag. The Epson is close to twice the price, and you will get better overall picture quality, but you will notice it as a “slower” projector. From what I have noticed in the market, it is not uncommon to see a bit larger input lag numbers on mid-level projectors with more image processing, etc.

      If 2K is a strict budget, and you want something “now”, I think the W1070 is what I would get. Take the extra dough and get a bit of a nicer screen or maybe a gray screen to help with the blacks. If you are willing to wait, and are willing to accept a bit more input lag, wait until the new Epson is released and pick up a 5020e after there are some price cuts.

      Hope this helps,


      • ash

        Looking for a 3D, native 1080P projector with the lowest input lag, preferably <20 ms…my current samsung LCD TV has 26ms+ and is playable no problem to my eyes. I have seen the GT750, just need that 1080P…please help!

        – Adam

        • Not sure your price range, but the H6500 is pretty fast. Less than 20ms.


          • ash

            Thanks, but I thought I read somewhere, and went to ACER webpage…there is NO mention of 3D on the H6500…..unless you are referring to another brand with similar H6500 moniker? 3D is unfortunately in “demand” from my home-viewing audience…those BRATS! Otherwise I would go for it!!!! Other suggestions?…unless I am wrong about the acer h6500 3D…

          • ash

            …oops, sorry, price is under $5K…within reason…

          • Even at that price is tough. 3D AND low input lag, the W1070 may be the way to go. With more expensive projectors they typically have better image processing, etc…but this typically means they have a bit higher input lag. I love the Epson 5020. That is the projector I would buy under 3K. It’s 50ms input lag, but it’s a gorgeous picture.

            Honestly, those two are the ones I would recommend at this point. Check out the reviews (W1070 and Epson 5020). Let me know if you have any specific questions. :/ sorry if that’s not much help.


  • Kurt

    Thank you so much for the review.

  • man4mopar

    From a purely console gaming use would you go BenQ W1070, the Optoma GT750 or other and why?

    • man4mopar,

      If you think you will be using it in mostly one location I would choose the W1070. If you need zero input lag and think you’ll be moving it around, the GT750 is probably the way to go.

      Hope this helps.


  • sp

    how do you measure input lag?

    • sp

      ok you are running the same timer program through the laptop monitor and projector.. im not sure if that is an accurate way to measure input lag. The very fact that you had to “average” input lag from multiple screenshots tells me something is not scientifically accurate here.

      what is the guarantee that the lag was not introduced by your laptop OS / display drivers? there is no guarantee that what is drawn on your laptop screen will immediately be drawn on the projector.

      • sp,

        This is a good question!

        There are no doubt more accurate methods to characterize input lag and I am not claiming this test is 100% accurate (or precise). As many have pointed out, connecting a CRT monitor and using that as the reference to an LCD display or projector provides a more accurate “zero reference”. After all, all we are really measuring is the input lag difference between the laptop display and the projector, and a CRT is a much better zero reference.

        I work for an engineering company in high speed/high precision data acquisition and am aware of many of the considerations needed for a “perfect test” and could probably build one at home…unfortunately, I don’t have the resources to expand upon the test at the moment and I personally think the current test accomplishes its goal. Though our scale may be offset slightly (my guess would be a few milliseconds), the important part to me is that it is consistent. My test setup is the same every time and I can properly compare the “devices under test” to each other in a fair manner which helps me to make judgements on their performance.

        Also, my qualitative test analysis is scaled based on the data I have gathered. In a previous article, I kinda outline the my “scale” and explain my personal opinions on how they translate to real world performance. This is, after all, what we are after in the end. A better test or zero reference wouldn’t change my perceptions on what the end results are, it would just change the scale…


        Enough folks have commented that I think will write a full post on it. Hope this clarifies some things.



  • Robert G

    Thanks Pete,

    Love your site, and new here. I’m in the market for an entry level projector, and was wondering how this stacks up with the Optoma HD33? i know the Optoma is last year, but it’s in my price range. I do like BenQ more in terms of feature set and longevity/lamp life. Wishing I could afford the Epson 5020UBe.

    • Robert,

      I’m glad you like the site! Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the HD33 so I can’t make a comparison. From what I’ve read, either should be a good choice! Sorry I can’t be more help. Let me know if you have any other specific questions, glad to help any way I can.


      I’m in the same boat…the 5020 is a beauty!

  • I have never seen Benq projector in action, I have always stuck with Epson as my one of choice do you know how these would compare?

    • Primary difference is 3LCD in the Epson and DLP in the BenQ. The pictures on the BenQ will look a tad more digital and sharp. I like Epson projectors too, but BenQ are no slouch. If you can’t find a BenQ to demo, try finding a DLP projector so you can get a feel for the difference in picture between those two types of projectors.



  • Reuben

    I plan to use 3-1080p projectors in an eyefinity setup with edge blending. I want to try iRacing and some flight simulations.

    I’ve read some people recommend only 2 projectors instead of 3, to keep height, and there’s enough pixels for it to still work.

    Not sure if you’ve played with multiple projectors ina gaming setup before (to get 180FOV)?

  • Sam

    This is a GREAT review! Thank you.

    You see, I am in the market for a new TV. I currently have a plasma and was considering LCD/LED until I stumbled upon projectors and would like to go this way.

    I am new to the whole projector scene and was considering either this model or the Epson 3020 (which comes with a pair of 3D glasses). I think I would need to buy 3D glasses for the Benq model.

    But I’ve also read on various sites that lots of people seem to be returning their Epson 3020’s, even a few times to get one that works properly. I have had good experience with Epson printers and I’ve never really heard of Benq, except for their computer monitors.

    Not sure which one to go with since I love 3D, movies and gaming.
    My viewing room is not in the basement, but in the living room, which I can make a little dark. The measurments are 13′ x 15′ with 9′ fall ceiling. The walls are an off-white, so I was thinking of just projecting it right on the wall.

    Not sure if I should mount it on a table or from the ceiling either.
    Any other suggestions you can offer?

    • Sam,

      I’m glad you like it!

      Epson has a great warranty exchange program, so if something is wrong with your projector you don’t need to worry. BenQ is a pretty big name in the projector market, so you shouldn’t worry about quality. Personally, I think the best advice I can give is for you to go to the store and compare a DLP vs LCD projector (even if it is not these two specific models). You will get a feel for what the two look like and choose which type you like best! 🙂

      Hope this helps


  • simon

    I am looking at upgrading my sanyo z5 which is only 720p but zero input lag to the benq w1070 will i notice the lag on the benq ? I mainly play black ops 2 etc on xbox

    • Simon,

      This is tough. If the Sanyo is zero input lag I would say the different would probably be detectable, but you are gaining 1080p and 3D. So it’s really what you value more. Personally, I would gladly sacrifice a bit of input lag for image quality, but that’s just me. There are many other there who would say the opposite.

      hope this helps.


    • Matt

      Hi Simon,

      I know this is a very old comment, but I am looking to upgrade from my z5 as well, and I am wondering what projector you upgraded to.


  • TC

    My next projector will be for 3d gaming, up to $3,000 what projector that you know of has the best latency times. I’m strongly considering this projector just for gaming but would be willing to spend quite a bit more the best gaming projector (up to 3,000)

    • TC,

      If latency is of high importance to you, then this projector is probably your best bet. The Epson 5020 is the other one I would recommend, but you need to be OK with ~50ms input lag. The 5020 will have better overall picture quality by a significant margin, the W1070 will have faster input lag and is also ~$1000 cheaper. Hope this helps,


  • Chris

    Can you recommend a screen to go with the benq w1070?

    • Screens are always a tough choice. Personally I like fixed frame screens because I think you get more for your money. If you are in a position where you can use a fixed frame screen I would get as large of a fixed frame screen as you can up to 120″. I think ~500 is appropriate for a screen that size. Cheaper screens will work, they typically have lesser build quality and screen materials. IF you can’t do fixed frame, tab tension in a pull down is a must, other wise you will get wrinkles. I don’t have a specific brand recommendations, I would just look around at reviews. If you have an other specific questions let me know!

      Best of luck!


  • Michael Toby

    Hello Pete,

    Great Review. I need your help with a decision. I have a Mitsubishi hc4900 which still works wonderfully but I really love 3d- I already have lots of movies, including Art’s beloved Hugo. I am getting a 3d projector this week and I have narrowed it down to a choice between the benq w7000 and w1070. I am wondering whether the 3d picture is comparable between the two. ( One person told me they couldn’t tell the difference in 3d between the two projectors.)

    I must decide then: should I keep the mitsubishi hc4900 and get the w1070 or should I try to sell the hc4900 (if I can) and get the w7000? I know you probably prefer the epson 5020 but what would you do?

    Thanks so much for your help,
    Michael T.

    • Michael,

      It’s been a long time since I’ve had the w7000 in my possession, so this is very tough to compare. Because the w7000 and the w1070 are both DLP they will probably look fairy similar in both PQ and 3D. I enjoyed the 3D very much on the w1070. The w7000 was no slouch either. To be honest, I don’t think the 3D here is going to be your biggest difference between those two projectors. I think you are looking more at an overall image quality (black levels, shadow detail, etc) difference with the w7000. If it’s worth the extra cash to you then go with the w7000.

      Yes, I do favor the 5020, but it is a bit more expensive than either of those two you mentioned and if it’s off your list then it doesn’t matter :). If you think you can make the decision and live peacefully with the w1070 that’s what I would do. As I get more and more experienced at purchasing (and living with) electronics, the more I realize that the little things that we consumers fret about are usually unimportant in the end. If the w7000 is stretching the bank a bit, I think it’s a no brainer – go with the w1070. Take the extra cash and purchase some more 3D content. If you are the type that will second guess because the w1070 is the “little brother”, then save yourself the peace of mind and go with the w7000. They are both great projectors that will be enjoyed.

      Hope this helps!


  • Michael Toby

    Hello Pete,

    Thanks so much for the response. This helps an awful lot!! I believe I am leaning toward keeping the Mitsubishi hc4900 for 2d and getting the benq w1070 for the 3d viewing. The screen will be a FAVI HD-120 inch electric. Are black levels a concern on a 3d image at this stage of 3d development? Are there things I can do on this screen to make them better?

    Thanks again for your help,


    • Michael,

      Black levels are always a concern, but 3D lately struggles so much with brightness that people don’t tend to bitch about the blacks because the screen is so dim. There are a bunch of tricks (some more valid than others) that I’m sure you will read about. The best advice I can give you is to treat your room. The more light you can absorb and prevent from bouncing around the room the better. You’ll be surprised how much a simple paint job can help a room. If you’re allowed, paint it something like a dark blue or dark red. If you do it right, it will make the theater seem much darker and help with the black levels. If that is not an option, do what I did. I went to target and for 9.99 a piece I bought about 4 queen black flat sheets. I ironed them (this is important), cut them to size, and hung them behind my screen using a staple gun. If you use the clean edges on the outside and cover up the cut edges with other clean edges it makes it look nice enough. You can even let them drape on the sides for a theater type look. Not a pro installation, but for 40 bucks…

      Here’s a photo (sorry for the poor quality) As you can see, I even did about 18 inches onto the ceiling. You’ll also want to cover as much of the walls with matte framed art or anything that will absorb light. A blank wall opposite your screen is just reflecting light right back to the screen.




  • jeffrey

    hi pete. I am a first time projector buyer and have quite a steep learning curve. im redoing my basement and setting up a theater for movies and games. I have been leaning towards the benq w1080st when it comes out. my main concern is for games in 3d using ps3 & xbox 360. will the w1080st run these games at their full potential or is there another projector route I should be looking at. Also I wanted to future proof the unit for ps4 and xbox 720.
    p.s. great reviews, they have been very helpful!
    keep it real!

    • Jeffrey,

      Welcome and thank you!

      Obviously, I haven’t seen the the BenQ 1080ST, but given BenQ’s history, it will most likely be a great projector. It will most likely be able to do 3D at 1080p resolution, which is about as good as it gets with any content available today. In terms of “future proofing”…that’s really impossible. You can try all you want…but your projector will be new for about a year and then the next best thing will come out…it’s just how technology works these days.

      Who knows what the ps3 or XBOX720 are going to support…All you can do is buy what you think is best at the time and enjoy it until you are ready to upgrade. If you wait…will you be able to get something better later on…? Probably, and it will be less expensive too, but I think the BenQ will be a fine choice and one you can enjoy for many years if you can keep yourself from looking back after you buy. The upgrade itch can cost you a lot of money. If you have any specific questions let me know, otherwise, I think it will be a good choice!


  • Jory

    G,day Pete

    I am looking to buy my first projector, and wondering if you could shed some light on some of my concerns. I am looking for a projector under $1000.00 that will work well in a bright room as i have large windows and a skylight. I am looking at the Optoma GT750 Gaming Projector or this projector (BenQ W1070) is there much deference between 1080p and 720p or will i, being a noob, not notice?. will 3D make me a happier person or shold i not bother?. I have quite a tight budget so I am looking for the best deal.

    P.s. do you know of any good places to get a cheep projector in australia?


    • Jory,

      You will probably want to spring for the w1070 if you are choosing between these two projectors. 1080p vs 720p at projector screen sizes is very noticeable and the w1070 should be bright enough. 3D is fun, but if you don’t have content to play, it becomes an afterthought. A lot of projectors are coming with 3D today, so I don’t think it will add much to your cost. It’s probably better to have it than not…

      As far as Australian retailers…not too sure :/ Maybe Ebay? Make sure it’s an authorized dealer so you get the warranty.

      Best of luck!


  • Latlock

    I compared Epson 3010 vs Benq 1070 side by side, with JB Skyfall (bluray).. Epson was mine, and this benq came from my friend.. result was: i sold my epson 3010 and bought this similar benq .. Epson had bad ghosting in 3D, also had a bit trouble with convergence .. Those are just big turn off’s for me, cause u cannot get rid off ’em by adjusting something…

    Benq is so freaking sharp compared to this Epson .. black levels.. well benq was winner in that category also.. sharper + better black levels + better 3d was already so big cons..

    here comes few but factors thou… distance between my screen and projector is only 3,2 meter .. screen is 110″, Epson was on max zoom, in benq almost zero zoom.. this could be somekinda “variable factor” what comes to comparison result.. but overall, i prefer benq over epson (1070 vs 30xx)

    end of this month if i get lucky i have chance to do comparison with benq 1070 (with ND2 filter) against Epson 5020 … we’ll see. I know that 5020 wrestles in higher category.. but i love to get value for money also.. i fucking hate to fight against this convergence, misplaced lcd -panels etc. blurring error what comes so often with lcd-projectors (been there done that with epson 8500)… it’s just frustrating adjust something that should be atleast ok by default

    • Hey,

      Thanks a lot for this. The BenQ 1070 is a pretty awesome projector. The BenQ is typically a bit sharper than the Epson, which is no surprise (DLP vs LCD). The 5020 will blow you away. 1070 is bang for the buck, the 5020 is a badass projector. (I don’t mind convergence issues as long as they are small)


  • khan

    Hello PETE.
    nice site and lots of information.like others even this is gonna b my first time projector investment. dont know mych about projectors.I play games a lot and already have nvidia 3d vision ready..i was about to buy optoma gt750e..but after reading ur forum i am about to change my mind with w1070. but can u plz add some more details in comparison..u have already mention about 1070 and 720 hd differences…apart from that…this coyou.uld really help..

    • Khan,

      I would personally choose the 1070. Though it is a bit more expensive, I think it is a better all around projector. However, if you are tight on space, the GT750 is the one to choose.

      Hope this helps,


  • Thomas

    Beware of 3D gaming on this projector with the ps3 (720p at 60 frames) because it loses sync (DLP-link system) easily if you plan to sit within 9 feet from the screen! I own this projector and i am terribly dissappointed with it in this regard. I have tried another BenQ w1070 and it’s just the same. I am using BenQ’s new 3D glasses. Have tried 3 pairs now and it’s the same result. Have tried 5 different hdmi cables (straight into the projector) with the same result. The typical thing is that you can play for a minute or even less if you sitting that close and the glasses lose sync with the image. What finally worked for me was to sitt 11 feet away from the screen to be really sure that it wouldnt lose sync. 3D films (1080 p at 24 frames) are ok from any distance (the glasses never lose sync). I wish I would have gone for an Optoma instead with RF-technology with their 3d instead of this BenQ. Other than this great flaw the projector is ok/good.

  • Mike Freeman

    Having the same trouble as Thomas, only I use the w1080st, tried 3d gaming with sainsonic glasses, which lose sync within seconds, so paid the extra for the Benq Glasses they work a bit better but within 60 seconds you start to see colour changes on the screen.. Compare this with the NVidia 3d vision and using an Acer edid edit on the projector to fool NVidia that this is a 3dvision ready projector and use the 3d vision glasses and the 3d is faultless, down side cant run 3d at 1080p but 720still a better picture with the benq compared to my optoma gt750..
    By the way my eyes are only 60cm from the screen, (I know that’s close but that’s what is needed in a Super FOV setup)

  • sean

    Hi Pete,

    i’m looking into buying this projector for watching the weekly movie, but mostly for gaming, preferebly in 3D, just wanted to check if i can hook this up to my X360, and hopefully to my Ps4 or X1 in the future? also, i’m not very familiar with DLP, but i’ve heard some users say their glasses lose sync when they are closer than 8 feet to the screen, which could be a problem as i am going to project a 95″ screen, and will be about 7-8 feet away from it.. is this really an issue?


    • Sean,

      You can definitely connect the XB360 to it and the PS4/XB1 will be able to be connected to it as well via HDMI.

      I never had any problems with the 3D sync, but I only had it for a weekend or so. I would look around for more details on that. I have heard rumors as well.

      Hope this helps,


  • Andy

    Thanks for your review Pete. I’m a projector newb and want to get one for my bedroom. However, I do not plan to get a screen since I have off white walls. How much PQ will I be missing by not getting a screen? Is it not worth getting the 1070? Or will I still be impressed? (Oh, right now I’m using an Epson X12 which I borrowed just to see if I want to actually buy a projector.) Thanks!

  • Marco

    Hi Pete, I was wondering how the BenQ W1070 compares to the Optoma HD25? At a quick glance it seems to compare rather well, so I’m curious as to what you think of it, especially for gaming.

    • Marco,

      Never seen the HD25 in person. They seem pretty, I would imagine you being happy with either one. I know this probably doesn’t help…but :/

      Best of luck!

      • Marco

        Well, I ended up picking the Optoma HD25 LV. Specifically for the increased lumens, since the lightning in my flat is not particularly good.

        I like it quite a bit, but it’s pretty loud, even in eco mode. I’m pretty tempted to get the BenQ just to see how it compares.

        • I don’t remember the BenQ being loud, but I don’t tend to notice/be bothered by fan speed. Best of luck!

  • Kimon

    Hi Pete, thanks for the great review! I am looking to buy my first projector and was wondering if you could help me as I’m a newbie and don’t know much about the subject. I see you’ve mentioned flexibility as one of dissadvantages of the BenQ. Is this simply because of the absence of the horizontal lense shift or does the fact that it’s a DLP come into play? The reason I’m asking is that I’m also looking at the Epson tw5910 which also doesn’t have a lense shift. I’d like to avoid upsetting my landlord by opening holes in the wall if possible (though I might end up doing it 🙂 ) and was thinking of placing the projector on a shelf about 1 meter away from the centre of the screen (planning to get a 120″ screen) horizonatlly. Thanks in advance for your help!

    • Kimon,

      Shelf mounting is a great option, but 1 meter is a bit short of a throw distance to hope to get 120″. You may look at some throw distance calculators, that will be able to help give you an estimate of the distance you will need from the screen to shelf mount your projector. You can search for this calculator tool online.

      Best of luck,

      Peter C

  • Kimon

    Sorry Pete, I probably wasn’t that clear. I wasn’t talking about a 1m throw distance, I meant I was thinking of not placing the projector opossite the centre of the screen horizontally, but 1m away from the centre (horizontally). I ended up getting the BenQ 1070 and can confirm that (as expected probably) this way it wasn’t possible to get rid of the trapezoid even when using the keystone correction. So I placed it on a new speaker mount behind the sofa (it’s opossite the centre of the screen now) instead. Unfortuantely I can’t place it any lower verically as my head gets in the way when I’m sitting on the sofa so (even with the vertical lense shift in full power) I have to slightly tilt the projector vertically and this causes… a trapezoid! I can fix this by use of the keystone correction this time however but might end up making those holes in the ceiling anyway. 🙂



  • Ham

    Thanks a lot for the review!

  • John OC

    As a gamer, what would be your top three projectors for gaming, regardless of cost. Thanks in advance!

    • ProjectorReviews.com

      Hi John,

      Not being a gamer (or rather the games I play aren’t speed based (ie. Risk), I have little real life experience. If you are hard core, play team games, 1st/3rd person shooter types, auto racing, etc. you do want low lag times.

      My old bloggers had agreed that 50 ms projectors are just acceptable, 33 and under very good, 16 and under fast, and 0, perfect.

      As I see it, a 60fps signal is 16.67 ms per frame, so a lag of under 16 is essentially near perfect… BTW both of my old gaming blogger, were very hard core, live and breathe gaming types (one builds custom gaming computers) – WoW, COD types. Interestingly they both owned Epson’s even before I met them. I point that out because they were both happy with their Epson’s (one upgraded to a newer Epson), and those Epsons were either in the 35 or 50 ms range in input lag. But they were very bright, which they considered a real plus, and had good dark shadow detail.

      But most DLP projectors are faster. Of course with any projector you need to turn off dynamic features that “look ahead 1 frame or two, because then you are letting the projector intentionally add lag.

      BTW, the difference between the w1080 and W1070 would not affect gaming – the issue I wrote about was that the W1080ST leaks a lot of light out of the lens. That’s strictly an issue in a fully darkened room for movie viewing.

      Back to projectors. Most of the gaming focused projectors out there are 720p, but expect 1080 to replace that even on $500-$800 projectors over the next year.

      I tend to favor BenQs over Optomas overall, but Optoma is really focused on those gaming projectors. Acer has also impressed our bloggers. If you don’t mind the 35ms type lag times, the lower cost Epson’s should be otherwise excellent.

      But I really can’t get into any serious recommendations, because I just don’t know the experience of high speed gaming. Good luck. -art

      • John OC

        Thanks a lot for the response Art, very appreciated. Your info is very valuable, I am new to the projector world so all information is great to me!