BenQ W7500 Projector – Arriving Tomorrow

BenQ W7500 Home Theater Projector
The BenQ W7500 lists for $2799, is DLP, and claims 2000 lumens, making it a “light canon”. Expect great black level performance

Greetings all,  Great news, BenQ’s new W7500 Home Theater Projector has been shipped to us.  It will be calibrated early next week (2/18/2014), and I will start the review as soon as I finish the Sony 4K projector (previous blog).

Because projectors are getting stacked up, I will definitely put out a “First Look” mini-review or blog, by the end of that weekend.

Mind you, I’ve always been a big fan of the W7000 projector’s predecessors.  The W6000 was always my favorite DLP home theater projector around the price, and the W7000 basically had minor improvements, plus the addition of 3D.

Here comes the BenQ W7500, the direct replacement for the W7000 in the US and the W7000+ in the EU.

The W7500 projector has the same 2000 lumens claim, so it should be an exceptionally bright home theater projector (as opposed to home entertainment projectors which have lower quality pictures, but are often very bright).

Contrast has been improved from 50,000:1, to 60,000:1, which on paper isn’t a really significant amount, but who trusts contrast claims any more?  There are projectors claiming 60,000:1 that have better blacks than some with 300,000:1 claims… (That’s why our analysis of black level performance is subjective.  The numbers don’t provide much useful info.

Well, getting back on topic, the W7500 is supposed to be shipping right about now, a good thing, since I’m seeing that some BenQ dealers in the US are already out of the older projectors.

What else does the W7500 bring to the party?

  • CFI – creative frame interpolation oft called “smooth motion”
  • Single chip DLP, with 6X, 6 segment color wheel (for minimum rainbow effect)
  • 3D, and 2D to 3D conversion (3D glasses are optional)
  • 1.5:1 manual zoom lens, plus lens shift
  • Vidi – a new video entertainment platform (I’m not very familiar, but will know a lot more for the review)

MSRP is $2799 I believe.

This should be a very serious competitor.  For those that love the DLP look and feel, it may well be the best game in town, under $3000, doubly so if you need a bright projector.  In 2D the BenQ W7500, in a home theater type environment, after calibration, likely will be able to handle screens up to 150″ diagonal, maybe more.  It should be a great gamer projector too.  We’ll certainly run input lag tests.

That’s all for now.   This is going to be a fun one.  And I again have an Epson HC5030UB here for direct comparisons.  -art

News and Comments

  • Luke

    Hi art when can we expect the review very interested to se haw it compares to the 5030


      It’s calibrated, and I’m turning it on for first viewing this evening. I’ll get three days of working with it before vacation, so I will do a “first look blog” with preliminary comments. Figure the full review will be posted in less than 2 weeks.

      I have the Epson here for side by side comparison! – art

      • Luke

        Cheers mate thanks a lot

  • Just wondering where the first look blog is for this projector, i’m not finding it, can you post a link please, thanks.

  • Douglas Jacobs

    Art. Just checking to see when we will see some feedback on the benq w7500


      Hi Douglas,

      I’m about half way through the W7500 review. I should have it live by Monday. Mostly it looks like the older W7500. Black levels look good, but still look basic “ultra high contrast”, that is, pretty darn good, but, the blacks aren’t as black as say, the Epson 5030UB or Sony HW55ES. I’d put them about comparable to the Panasonic PT-AE8000U, although I haven’t yet processed the images I use for black level comparsions and compared them to the other projectors. Very sharp image, as expected. The throw range is longer than many. That is the distance where I normally place projectors to fill my entire 124″ screen, that gets the job done for the Epson UB, only lets me have a little over 100″ diagonal.

      In other words, the closest the projector can be placed to fill an entire screen is further back than on many other projectors. Not a big deal, and the trade-off is that although it doesn’t have as long a range zoom as, say an Epson 2.1:1 or Panasonic 2.0:1, it is fairly comparable for those trying to shelf mount in the rear of their rooms.

      The W7500 would seem to be the best of the under $3000 DLP projectors. -art

  • I wonder if you could go into the secret menu and clamp down the iris in the Benq W7500, i’d like to know what the black levels are without the dynamic iris on.



      I avoid messing inside of service menus, as they normally void warranties. If I write about them, and someone goes in and manages to damage their projector (which can be done), and I’ve got a problem. I’ve only ever gone into the service menus once in 14 years, that was for a SIM2 which is specifically designed only to be adjusted by a calibrator, no user accessible color temp controls or even brightness and contrast. (That was long, long ago.)

      I’ll leave playing inside the service menus to discussions on the forums.

      There is the dynamic black feature on the main menu though… -art

  • serg

    hi, do you know if benq planning to release short throw version of this projector? I have benq W1080st. and it’s the only option for people who want short throw and 1080p native resolution. But it’s a pretty basic projector.


      I’ve heard nothing that would indicate that they will. But that doesn’t mean a whole lot. BenQ releases some projectors in the EU, for example that we don’t see in the US. Of note, they have a W1400, and a W1300 over there I believe, in addition to the W1500, which is sold here. For the most part, short throw projectors have been found only in the lower price ranges for home use, such as the W1080ST and less expensive projectors. (And of course very expensive projectors that have interchangeable lenses, but in almost all cases, those are $10,000+ projectors. -art

      • serg

        Thank you for responce Art. I wish companies considered giving that option to people. I’d love to have Epson in or Panasonic in ST. I don’t mind paying a premium for that. Seems it could be done easily, especially since Benq did it. But im just venting now. Oh well maybe next year…

  • Washington

    can you actually buy this anywhere?