Best Home Theater Projectors – 2013 Report

Greetings,  Finally this year’s awards for the best Home Theater Projectors currently available, are now published.  Again we offer a variety of awards:  Best In Class, Best In Class Runner-up, and Best In Class Special Awards.

Click for this year’s Best Home Theater Projectors report winners, now published.

There are many more pages to the report, along with our new Guide to Choosing the Best Home Theater Projector for You, all of which will go live over the next 72 hours.

News and Comments

  • Greg Fleckenstein

    Art – I think you have a typo on the top of the Sony HW50 summary page, it reffers to the Sony VW95 Projector. Excited to read the full report but thanks for getting this up in advance! Not sure you made my Sony vs Epson decision any easier and I see a Sony VPL-VW90ES online for 3,999 so I need to read the reviews on that to see how it compares to the current 6020 and HW50. In case you have any thoughts I will be shooting at a 113in SI BD 1.4 screen in an open basement with full light control when I want but also want ability to show a game / fight and play X box with some lights up.3D is important but not primary. Walls, carpet and ceiling immediately around the screen are black felt. Thanks for all your great work!

    • Greg, you probably won’t believe this, but I think I would go with the HW50ES in most cases over a VW90ES. I felt the 95ES was definitely improved over the 90ES. The schocker is that that I’d recommend the HW50ES despite the 90ES having better blacks. The HW50, though has reality creation, a lot more lumens, and is definitely going to do a better job on 3D especially factoring in brightness. -art

  • Carlos

    Hello Art.

    Great website. Long time reader, first time replier.

    You wrote in your new 2013 report written on 3/25/2013 that “A year ago, the HC8350 (click for full review), now a projector on the market over 3 years, sold for around $1200. Today it’s typically $899 or slightly less.”

    Where is the Epson 8350 available for $899? None of the dealers I have checked with have it for $899 or less.

    The dealers I have checked are Projector People, Amazon, Best Buy, Frys, and Epson.

    Thank you for any input

    • Hi Carlos, Darn, I’ve answered this question a few times now. Bad info on my part. What happened was, about a month ago when checking the internet for current prices of the various projectors I ran into a couple of ads for the 8350 for $899. ONly after you and others brought the problem to my attention did I discover that I blew it, in both cases the dealers were advertising $899 for refurbished HC8350’s. Not exactly the same thing! The only good news, is that, at least with Epson, anyone who buys a refurbished projector gets the same two year (or three year on the PRO series) warranty with 2 year replacement program as if they bought new.
      So, sorry about that. I’ve already told a person or two, that thanks to the warranty I wouldn’t have a problem recommending a refurb in this case, but, I was definitely wrong, you cannot buy a new one for $899. Sorry about that. I hit a different, but also pricing problem with the Sharp XV-Z30000, which should have been at the bottom of the $2000 $3500 price range, instead of the top of the $2000 and under. -art