First Read: Navigating the New Projector Reviews website

Welcome to the redesigned

We think you’ll like our new look and navigation.  We redesigned the site using WordPress as our content management system.  Since the site has changed a great deal, with many things organized differently, here’s some guidance for navigating the new site, and finding what you are looking for, whether projector reviews, articles and FAQs, specs, videos (PR TV) and more.    Gone are the static homepage lists  – of the most recent Home Theater projectors, the most recent Business/Education ones and the most recent Pocket and Pico Projectors.

Also gone are the paragraph descriptions of the 50 most recent reviews.  Instead, we’ve got players rotating through a rich selection of many the best current projectors we’ve reviewed.   On our old site, one of the most widely used tools were our two directories of reviews, organized by manufacturer and within each, by date.  If we get feedback that those are wanted on this site, I’ll be happy to recreate those here, to supplement all the dynamic lists the new site generates.  So lets see what we do have for you.

Navigating the New Projector Reviews website:

Finding reviews:

On the home page the Projector Reviews features will normally be rotating through a dozen different projectors, a mix of recent home business and education projectors.  There are sections on the home page focused on Business and Education Home Theater, Pico and Pocket Projectors and our forthcoming home automation area.  The Projector Categories tab may help you narrow things down, by showing you the most recent reviews we have in those categories, such as Home Theater, Business, DLP, LCD, Portable… Projectors.  There is also some helpful related commentary  above and below the projector lists on those pages.  Those lists are populated with the most recent reviews. So, if you are in the DLP Projector Category, you’ll find all types of DLP projectors, from Picos to home theater, to large venue commercial, but they will be the most recent dozen or so.

Home Theater, and Education Projector Reports

As with the previous sites, we recommend to you our annual reports.  The Home Theater Projector and the Education Report are excellent places to read about whats important, and how projectors compare, what to look for.  If you are looking for business projectors, you will find that the education report will be helpful.  After all, most projectors are suitable for both, although there are certain features that are emphasized depending on type of use.  And we addresss the business user as well as the education buyer, teachers and technologists, throughout the report, and also in the 15 projector reviews that the report references.

Home Theater Projectors – 15 Best:  This list found on our homepage, lets you scroll through 15 projectors each with a brief caption.  They represent our editor’s  (that’s me) top picks, from under $1000 to almost $30,000.  There are even 2 or 3 three projectors recommended at several price points.

Site Search

seems to work pretty well.  As in you can find what you are looking for.  We set up the default search to only search titles and first pages of articles and reviews so there aren’t too many matches.  Used the advanced search if you are looking for something very specific, it searches the entire site.  The search does not assign rankings as to relevance, so if you search for something like VW600 (for Sony’s VPL-VW600 4k projector), you’ll probably get more than a dozen matches, the review itself however, would be titled something like Sony VPL-VW600 Projector Review, or even just Sony VPL-VW600, but in the matches you are likely to find some of it’s competitors, if I had mentioned the Sony on the first page of those reviews or articles.

Projector Reviews TV – Our video library:

Those of you familiar with our old site (pre Nov 19, 2013), will find this static directory familiar, redone in the new style, but essentially the same.  Each category of video has it’s videos listed most recent first.  Our count is 45 up, with 5 videos in production at this time.  In addition there are several new videos reserved for our members only.

Projector Articles and FAQs

As with the old site, the Articles and Guides tab on our masthead, is your guide to dozens of short articles, and a few longer ones.  Don’t forget though, that we’re moving our emphasis to video for a lot of the new informational content.


Have a blast, enjoy, learn!  Due to delays getting the site launched, several reviews that were finished were created in the new site, and laumched with the site.  On the other hand, we’re converting the last couple of reviews we posted on the old site, that will be back up, this time on the new site in the first week.

On the homepage you will find a list of what projectors are inbound, in house, and in process of being reviewed.

Thanks for visiting.  If you found our site helpful, we of course appreciate if you would LIKE us.  These days, your LIKEs help us rank better with the search engines, so that more folks can find us.  Again, thanks! -art

News and Comments

  • Christian

    Hello. I feel very guilty to be the first giving you comments with a none positive feedback . I am completely lost in this new architecture. and I try very hard to get it but I don’t. After reading your objectif . I find out that your article will note be so deep as before. So, what will be your add value compare to the others web site? You were the only one doing complete comparisons deep deep down to the details. I feel that it is time for me to give up. I am very Sade about the strategic descision you made, but I respect it. I will pass by in few month when everything will be more settle. Good luck.

    • Art Feierman

      Hi Christian, We’re making some improvements as we get feedback, but as far as reviews go, they are exactly as in-depth as before. The Epson Pro Cinema 4030 being the first review done in the new site, although, as usual, I will be adding more competitive info over the first week or so a review is published.


      Hi Christian, We’re still improving the site, as we get feedback. As to reviews, they will continue to be as detailed as before, just shorter pages, but each review now has a lot more pages. Don’t wait so long to visit again, we’ll be posting reviews of about 10 new home theater projectors in the next 8 weeks. -art

  • Bob

    Your new site is absolutely horrible! I have been coming to your site since you first went online and loved your blog and thorough reviews. I made the statement about FI looking like you were in the studio watching the actors when FI’s first came out.

    First of all, the new site is way too busy with things dancing around. It literally gives me a headache. I came here to look at the VPL-HW55ES review and now found I have to wade through many more pages to read everything where before all the information was on a few pages. Also the image comparisons were very easy to see like shadow detail for all images on one page and make a comparison. Now I can’t do that because you only show one image against the reviewed projector. I can’t compare multiple projectors like before. I get the captioning is not working, so I don’t know what I am looking at.

    I get it. Like everyone else you are trying to push more ads at your readers. Well I for one have never bought a single thing pushed to me in an ad. In fact I go out of my way to not buy things thrown at me in ads. I rely strictly on product announcements and user reviews to select the products I buy. I do my own research. Ads are a complete waste of space and bandwidth, and I completely ignore them.

    I use to enjoy reading your blog which again flowed nicely in a single page. Now I have to jump around to read each update. Again, more and more ads on every page and less content.

    I started to try to read the new Sony review and gave up. As a long time reader of the site, I am very disappointed. I will not be coming to the site any more. It’s a shame because you used to have the best site on the internet for projector information. Now I will have to rely on others.

    One last comment, when my company launches UI updates, we actually beta test with actual customers (users) and get feedback. I’m not sure of the process here, but it looks like whoever did the design totally ignored your readers.

    Normally I would not waste my time to post something like this, but I used to really respect your reviews and enjoy your great content. Again, I am very sad to have to leave projector reviews. I may check back down the road to see if things get back to the way they were, but if not I won’t spend anytime here.

    • Art Feierman

      Sorry to lose you as a reader. But you are making several assumptions, that aren’t correct. For example we cut the number of ads down by almost 40%. Even with the greater number of pages we are serving up about 25% ads per review than we have any time in the last decade.
      Sorry you don’t like the shorter format. The biggest complaints I routinely received was that pages were too long, too hard to find things on pages. So, with the shorter pages, and the pull down system, it’s quicker to find and get to any single thing.

      As to not buying from ads, sure, why not. But without ads, there’s no site. This is a 50-60 hour a week “job” for me, and another 25-30 hours/week between my wife and daughter. Plus we have to pay a calibrator for every home theater review, and we pay for website maintenance, and pay per review for each business & education projector we do, to outside contractors. “There win’t no such thing as a free lunch! No ads, no site, no site, no reviews. The math is simple. Oh well. -art

  • mc2galt

    I don’t know what your site was like before but I was comparing projectors and based on your and others reviews I was able to select one and am now putting in an order. That you for such an informative website.


      Thanks for the praise, we really appreciate it!

  • Darin Miller

    Personally I think the new site is leaps and bounds above the previous site. Much cleaner, credible and more professional. I like the layout and flow. I thought the last site was too bright, busy and unorganized. I’m not sure what the other people were complaining about, but I feel you made the right move to position your site as the authority on solid projector reviews and information. I am sure the other posters’ opinions are in the minority.

    Now if I could just get those Optoma HD25-LV full calibration details I subscribed for asap (like today if possible), I would be a very happy man. Keep up the great work.


      Hi Darin. Thanks for the kind words! We really appreciate it.

      As for the Optoma HD25-LV advanced calibration info, it’s already live on the site and has been for some time. Advanced calibration info is not all centrally located in one place–it’s within each of the individual reviews. You can access it via the drop-down in the upper corner of a review. It’s down the list, after the regular, public calibration/settings basics. If non-subscribers click that page, they see a message about signing up, but if subscribers click it, it takes them to the information.

      Here’s the direct link:

      Hope that helps! Thanks again.

      • Darin Miller

        Thanks for the info. Also, maybe I’m missing it but I don’t see the other details for Sharpness, Contrast, Brightness, Dynamic Black, Brilliant Color, etc. That is all I am missing now.


          Hi Darin, all that info you are looking for is on the regular calibration page, not the advanced. The Advanced has only the CMS settings.

          To explain the why we do it that way: We always provided all the other information in reviews, going way back, but we only started doing the CMS in the last year, as the new site was being built.

          When we launched the subscriber area I was determined not to charge for anything we previously provided for free. So, as it turns out the CMS settings, and also a whole pile of videos (reviews and articles) have been created only for our subscribers.

          Putting in the CMS settings is a “once” in the sense that those settings affect all modes. CMS calibrating is the most tricky part, however. Often requires trial and error for a calibrator, as often making some changes affects other settings. When I wanted to start doing CMS calibration of the individual primary and secondary colors Mike, our independent calibrator substantially raised his calibration fees. -art