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CES 2014: Belkin and Home Automation (Part 2)

Let’s start talking home automation:  Belkin was one of my favorite places. I’ve already got some slightly older Belkin (not-as-smart) equipment in my house from a couple years ago, and their gear is only getting smarter. Belkin now has a great many wireless devices and apps that give you smart control. As you can see here, there’s the new WeMo product line. We looked at the first ones two years ago, but they…


Consumer Electronics Show 2014: Art’s Thoughts (Part 1)

Epson’s big on bringing to market the technologies they develop, such as modern LCD technology that has made them the one truly dominant manufacturer of projectors, with far more market share than any other company.  And as almost everyone remembers, they were almost a monopoly in dot matrix printing, (back in the day), with upward of 80% market share for that printing technology, if I recall correctly. So, expect Epson to be a serious new player…


Home Theater and other Projectors at CES 2014

Greetings projector fans,

This will be the first of several blogs about projectors, and also other cool stuff that I saw at CES.   In this first blog, I’ll talk about home theater projectors and home entertainment projectors seen there.  This is the first blog, I’ll touch on a number of projectors but follow up with individual blogs on many of them.   As those other blogs get posted, I’ll link to them from this one.

BenQ GP20 Projector – LED light source, 700 lumens, MHL, designed for today’s Millenials – many of whom stream, rather than have satellite or cable sources.

For the most part, I’ll deal with the smaller LED projectors (there are a bunch of new ones) in a separate blog, but will mention one or two that are appropriate to address in this particular Home Theater Projector blog.


Of course, most home theater projectors tend to be announced at CEDIA, which this past year was in mid-September, in Denver, Colorado.   Those of you who follow our site, or my blogs, know that most of the projectors (under $30,000) announced were from three companies: Epson, Sony, and JVC.   The traditional “big name” DLP oriented companies, such as Optoma and BenQ had little new to show at CEDIA.

In truth, there were very few projectors even on the show floor.  Most full spectrum manufacturers that had booths, didn’t even have demo rooms for projectors, and often not even static displays.


BenQ W1500 Home Entertainment Projector – A First Look Review

The BenQ W1500 is the “flagship” of BenQ’s home entertainment projector fleet.  Similar to the popular W1070, and the W1080ST – a short throw version of the W1070, this W1500 comes with some extra features, a zoom lens with 1.6:1 zoom range (the W1070 is only 1.3:1).

I thought I’d take a break from the full review to let you folks know that it’s about half written up.

There haven’t been many surprises.  As expected the W1500 has some pretty darn good


Optoma HD131Xe Projector Review Going Live

UPDATE: This review of the Optoma HD131XE is now live. Read it here.

Greetings projector fans, this is just a really quick note to say that the HD131Xe home entertainment projector review is almost done.  I’ve just begun the summary.   As is traditional, it won’t go up all at once, but, for starters we’ll have all but the calibration, competitors and screen recommendation pages at launch.

The Optoma HD131Xe packs a lot of punch for an entry level 1080p projector for your home!

The Optoma HD131Xe packs a lot of punch for an entry level 1080p projector for your home!

Also of note, I still will be adding some additional commentary and images.  There will be an additional (and better) set of images looking at the effects of Brilliant Color, some additional HDTV images (non-sports), and some additional feature demonstration images.

The posting of the review will either be very late tonight (Saturday), or early afternoon (west coast US time), on Sunday, Dec. 15th.

Enjoy!  Owners, feedback on your own experiences with this projector are valuable, I’d like to see you comment about your impressions, and I’d especially like to hear from anyone who has figured out how to get some pretty accurate color out of this Optoma projector.