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Optoma HD131Xe Home Projector – A “First Look” Review

Greetings to all of you interested in Optoma’s HD131Xe home theater projector.

The Optoma HD131Xe packs a lot of punch for an entry level 1080p projector for your home!

The Optoma HD131Xe, an entry level home entertainment projector with 1080p resolution and 3D, packs a lot of punch!

The full review of the Optoma HD131Xe should post a few days after this “first look”, but this should help many of you trying to make a quick decision.

The Optoma HD131Xe is an entry level projector for home entertainment use.  As one would expect from one of the least expensive 1080p (Full HD) resolution projectors, there are both strengths and weaknesses in terms of performance.  As I was saying to one of my other reviewers just last night:  If “entry level” projectors didn’t have issues, there wouldn’t be more expensive, better projectors out there.”

I already mentioned that the HD131Xe is 1080p resolution.  It’s also pretty bright, although not quite as bright from our measurements as Optoma projects.   They claim 2500 lumens, we measured almost 1800. However, we don’t try


Sony VPL-HW55ES Posting In 3 Hours

Greetings Projector fans!

I apologize for being very late with this Sony VPL-HW55ES home theater projector review.  It’s been a brutal two weeks since we launched the new website.  Although from your side of the site, as a visitor, things are working reasonably well, it’s been one problem after another.  Fortunately, at least we’re doing far better than the Obamacare site (no political commentary intended), from a user experience.  True, some image players aren’t working right (missing captions), and we’ve still got some issues in the new subscriber/member area. We’re getting there, though.

Sony VPL-HW55ES Projector - front view showing lens, front vents

Sony VPL-HW55ES Projector – front view showing lens, front vents

Top Down View of VPL-HW55ES

Top Down View of VPL-HW55ES, black version

Let’s instead focus on the Sony VPL-HW55ES Projector, which I really thought would be posted more than a week ago.

It is almost done.  As I write this I’m doing the performance pages – brightness measurements, etc.   After that, I’ll put together the warranty page (that one’s always fast) and then tackle the Summary page.  That should allow me to post what I have in about 3 hours from the publication of this blog.   Missing still, but added on the weekend will be:  The calibration page, the advanced calibration page (for our subscribers)


Updates: Projector Videos posting this week, site changes


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This is our newly redesigned website, that launched (finally) on November 21st.  As with all sites we’re chasing out the bugs as fast as we can.  Had a few outages on Day one, but looking reasonably stable as I write this just 12 hours after launch.  No offense to the US government, but our site on day one, is apparently far more functional than  the now infamous “Obamacare” website that’s barely functional.   At least we’ve…