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Sony VPL-VW600ES Projector – Review in the Works – Awesome – Can JVC compete?

As many of you know I got two good looks at pre-production VW600ES projectors months ago.  It had come with a PC/Server – generic, not the round one that now ships with the VW600ES.  It had some 4K content on it.  This time they sent me the official server – needed for Sony’s 4K media service (more details in the review) and a second source with even more 4K content than previous.

Well, I had Mike immediately calibrate this projector (figure about 20 hours on the lamp).  And started watching it extensively


CES 2014: 3D Printing, Robots, and Displays (Part 4)

Robots. Floor sweepers, polishers, lots of cleaning robots… But the one that really impressed me, was a one of a kind: Winbot. This little guy (about a foot by a foot), climbs all over your window cleaning it. Takes some time, but it works. The demo included writing with magic marker, and when the robot got to that place, it took off the marker in one attempt. I really want to include one of the Winbots for review…


CES 2014: More on Smart Home Automation (Part 3)

Z-Wave had a nice sized booth with a couple dozen companies showing their wares within. Z-wave allows integration of smart products from hundreds of companies, in all areas – smart lighting, security, HVAC, irrigation, appliance control, energy management, monitoring, in-wall dimmers… We plan to use Z-Wave as a primary “hub” for a smarter home in our Dream Home Project. There are many Z-wave compatible smart thermostats, monitors…


CES 2014: Belkin and Home Automation (Part 2)

Let’s start talking home automation:  Belkin was one of my favorite places. I’ve already got some slightly older Belkin (not-as-smart) equipment in my house from a couple years ago, and their gear is only getting smarter. Belkin now has a great many wireless devices and apps that give you smart control. As you can see here, there’s the new WeMo product line. We looked at the first ones two years ago, but they…


Consumer Electronics Show 2014: Art’s Thoughts (Part 1)

Epson’s big on bringing to market the technologies they develop, such as modern LCD technology that has made them the one truly dominant manufacturer of projectors, with far more market share than any other company.  And as almost everyone remembers, they were almost a monopoly in dot matrix printing, (back in the day), with upward of 80% market share for that printing technology, if I recall correctly. So, expect Epson to be a serious new player…