BenQ HT4050 Projector – Advanced Calibration

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  • Norvarg

    I have a question: if I want to use this projector in Eco Mode, do you recommend to do some other adjustments of the picture?
    I’m thinking brightness, contrast and so on.


      Brightness and contrast are easy adjustments to make. But, if properly set for full power, they should not change by going to Eco mode.

      The primary difference switching to eco mode makes with most projectors, is that the picture will have a touch less red in it. But even that depends on the characteristics of the lamp being used. (It’s possible with some lamps, that the opposite will occur – too much red.) Not big differences, but visible.

      If you want to calibrate things like brightness, pick up any test disc, from Disney to DVD-HD. Or you can eyeball it, find the darkest scene you can find, project it, adjust brightness downward until you start loosing the darkest shadow detail You want it just before that happens. Contrast is the opposite, find a really bright scene with lots of near whites, adjust brighter, but only to the point before when the brightest almost whites can’t be distinguished from white.

      Basically Brightness adjusts black levels to prevent crushing dark detail, contrast adjusts hightlights so that you loose no highlight detail. -art