BenQ W1070 Projector Calibration and Settings 2

BenQ W1070 Post Calibration Grayscale: User Mode

Color Temp over IRE Range (Post calibration) User 1:
20 IRE = 6427
30 IRE = 6427
40 IRE = 6496
50 IRE = 6449
60 IRE = 6477
70 IRE = 6419
80 IRE = 6452
90 IRE = 6469
100 IRE = 6499
 Average gamma = 2.16

Calibrated color temps, 20 – 100 IRE:

Gamma proved to be rather good, and very close to the targeted 2.2. Mike had this to say about the gamma: Using the 2.2 gamma setting results in an average gamma or 2.16. The next step is 2.4, which results in an average gamma of about 2.36, which may be too dark.

To try these, open the menus, and from the Image menu, select Cinema mode.  Then go down to Advanced. Open it, then select RGB.  Place these number in, replacing the defaults.  The improvements should be pretty obvious.  We recommend you then save your settings under User 1.

W1070 Post Calibration settings

Calibration settings for User 1:
Gain (50) R = 51
G = 50
B = 49
Offset (256) R = 256
G = 256
B = 256
 Average gamma = 2.16

W1070 Calibrated Brightness in Lumens:  100 IRE: 1711 @ 6668

That’s a whole lot of calibrated lumens!

Mike provided these additional notes, regarding the ability to calibrate different settings, limitations, etc.:

NOTE:  There was no reason to do a Quick Cal of the brightest mode (Dynamic) as it’s only 56 lumens brighter than User 1 to begin with.

The W1070 has amazingly good RGB balance right out of the box and almost perfect with just a few minor adjustments to the Gain.  If you see a little red in the light grays, you could even forego adjusting the Red gain, just turn Blue down one notch and end up with an RGB balance that beats a lot of pricier projectors after calibration.  Color looks pretty good with adjustment, but you easily turn down the Red in the CMS if you think it’s a bit too much. 

Mike reports the CIE chart looks much better than the last affordable BenQ projector he worked with:  This is a big improvement over the W1200 reviewed last year.


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News and Comments

  • petepete16

    Ok I know this review is very old, but those gains don’t make a whole lot of sense. Are you sure those aren’t supposed to be 101, 100, and 99? Bringing down the color gains from the default 100 to 50 makes everything EXTREMELY dark.


      Greetings PetePete, I checked the original calibration info we posted with the original document that Mike (or calibrator) sent me. They match, and those are the settings used for the entire review, and the full photoshoot.

      That said, I believe you.

      Technically the W1070 was replaced by the almost identical HT1075 which has some differences, most notably MHL on one of the HDMI inputs (for streaming, other mobile devices). In the US, BenQ has kept on selling the W1070 as well as the HT1075, probably because if the W1070’s great reputation.

      I looked at the calibration settings for the HT1075 and those Gain numbers are centered around 100 not 50.

      The most likely thing that happened, is that at some point during the W1070’s life, probably about the time the HT1075 was about to replace it, they made a change to the color tables and used the “newer” scheme, with Gain centered around 100. I also checked the BenQ W7000 which was same timeframe or predates the W1070 and it’s update, the W7500. Both of those are also centered around 50, not 100. The just reviewed HT4050 now also uses 100 as the centerpoint for the Gain, so it seems that over time, BenQ made a conscious change. So, my best recommendation (since we can’t be sure, other than bringing in a new W1070), would be to just add 50 to our settings. I notice that the R51, G50, B49 is typical of all the projectors mentioned, in that the others using 50 – are the same, and the ones based around 100 are R101, G100, B49.

      So this looks like they decided to reset their default numbers, nothing more. use the R101, G100, B99 and it probably is exactly right, although we can’t be sure. Enjoy! -art