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BenQ W1070 Special Features Part 2

Posted on June 7, 2013 by Art Feierman

Full Color Management System - CMS

Not only does this BenQ have a proper set of controls for adjusting grayscale (Gain, and Bias for R, G, and B), but also a full CMS to individually tune each primary and secondary color.  This is what you expect in expensive home theater projectors.  Few under $2000 projectors offer all this.

More on calibration on the calibration page, and under Performance.

W1070 ISF certification

The W1070 has two extra modes for a professional calibrator to use.  They are password protected to keep You from messing up the settings.  If you want to play, there are the two standard User modes.  To my knowledge, BenQ could not have obtained ISF certification without the full CMS mentioned above.

W1070 Smart-Eco mode

BenQ is apparently using some smarts in their Smart-Eco mode.  I never had to leave it.  On really bright scenes it seems every bit as bright as full power, but on dark scenes it will save you lamp and power consumption.  Think sort of light a dynamic iris, but lamp dimming.  Not a new technology - lamp dimming, but a fine implementation.  They indicate that switching to a darker scene can drop power consumption 40% or more.  They mention up to 70% energy savings, but they fail to specify how to get that much (a pitch black image?)  Seriously though.  I'd recommend starting in Smart-Eco.  Fool with the other two if you wish.

W1070 Audio

Yes, the W1070 has an internal speaker.  10 watts!  That's a plus if you are moving it from room to room and a big home theater system isn't available in each. Oh, the sound quality is about what you wouild expect, no low bass at all, but not really tinny either.  What is important is that it does generate a decent amount of volume.  It may not shake the walls, but you will hear the action!

W1070 Lamp Life

Darn impressive!!!  3500 hours at full power isn't by any means the longest out there, there are now a number of 4000 hours and even a 5000.  But BenQ also claims 6000 hours in Smart-Eco!  That really is as long as I have seen, short of a solid state (LED/laser) light source.

And don't forget all those lumens. Unless you have a huge screen - lets say 130 inch diagonal or larger, no problem running in Smart Eco for 2D unless you have a fair amount of ambient light, and even then it's probably fine. As Smart Eco seems to be just as bright as full power, when it needs to.  The only thing they don't make clear is if the 6000 hours is good in Smart-Eco or only in Economic.  My guess is that Smart-Eco will end up with a lamp life inbetween those two numbers.

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