Epson Home Cinema 8100 Projector Review

Epson Home Cinema 8100 Projector – Appearance


The Epson is a smaller projector, but not particularly so. It may be full size smaller than larger projectors like the Sonys, JVCs and larger BenQ and InFocus models, but it’s fairly large compared to the very smallest, like the Optoma HD20. All considered, it’s a larger, small projector. It is finished in a shiny off-white casing with silverish side panels and lens trim.

It’s boxy looking! No awards here for styling, despite two toning, and grillwork, yet nothing offensive, beyond its general plainness. Last year Epson switched to this form factor, from the old 1080 UB models which were a bit smaller, and possessed some real styling. Oh well. Most of us only care how a projector looks with it turned on, and the lights turned down.

I should note, that the “other” version of the 8100 – the Pro 9100, comes finished in black, not white.

OK, the lens is mounted to the right side (if looking at the front of the projector), with a large vent on the left side. The lens protrudes out about 2 inches from the case. (When figuring out placement distances, one normally measures from the front of the lens.) There’s an infra-red sensor in the front for the remote (and another in the top back). Below the front, are two screw thread adjustable feet. The control panel is located on the side with flush buttons (I much prefer control panels to be located on the top, where they are almost always accessable, if needed). Still, that’s not a real issue.

To focus the lens, and adjust the zoom, simply rotate the appropriate rings on the lens. To control the lens shift, there are two dials on the top of the projector near the lens. It’s that easy.

The well equipped input panel is located on the rear.