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Projector Calibration and Settings - 1

Posted on October 9, 2013 by Art Feierman

Epson Home Cinema 8100 Post Calibration Grayscale:

Calibrated color temps, 20 – 100 IRE:
20 IRE 6547K
30 IRE 6456K (dark gray)
40 IRE 6573K
50 IRE 6553K (medium gray)
60 IRE 6566K
70 IRE 6508K
80 IRE 6537K (light gray)
90 IRE 6734K
100 IRE 6565K (white)

Overall that's a fairly good set of numbers. Note, btw, the spike in color temp at 90 ire, which matches with the spike in gamma (see below). While minor, that's just the type of thing, one would hope that would get improved going from a sample unit to a production projector.

Gamma: Mike didn't try all the gamma settings, but of those he did (the most logical ones), he reports that the closest he could get to the ideal 2.2 was a measured 2.37 average. That particular gamma mode has a large spike to 2.9 at 90 IRE. If you average that spike out, the gamma worked out to 2.3, still a bit too high. Individual controls are avialble for gamma (but none that would remove a spike). Most likely, the gamma settings will be revised and refined by the time full production Home Cinema 8100 projectors are shipping. Despite the gamma not being ideal, my overall opinions of the image quality are very high.

RGB Settings

Mike actually calibrated Theater Black 1, twice, the first time with the lamp on low (eco-mode), which is the factory default. He placed that one in User Memory 1, for my use, and also saved his calibration at full power, in User Memory 3.

To get the color temp settings above, the following adjustments were made to gain and bias:

Low Power Full Power Full power
TheaterBlk 1 Dynamic TheaterBlk1
Offset R = -12 R= -12 R= -18
G = 0 G= 0 G= 0
B = -18 B= 0 B= -18
Gain R = -17 R= 12 R= -30
G = 0 G = 0 G = 0
B = -13 B= 0 B= -22

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