Hitachi CP-D10 Projector – Image Quality

Hitachi CP-D10: Image Quality

Once setup, the CP-D10’s picture quality was quite good. Like most 3-LCD projectors, it features fairly accurate, well-saturated colors.  However, while most 3-LCD projectors have oversaturated greens, the CP-D10’s greens were somewhat undersaturated, leaning toward yellow, much like many DLP projectors.  In regular viewing, this was a non-issue as photographic images looked quite natural.  Also, the picture had more definition than many short throw projectors, especially those that use a mirror to reflect the image upward to the screen.

Due to its well-saturated colors, viewing photographic images with the CP-D10 is an enjoyable experience.  While viewing photographs in Daytime mode was fine, using Normal mode provided a more natural appearance, with only a small drop in lumen output.  Please refer to the Video Performance and Sharpness sections of this review for more detail regarding picture quality with other sources.

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