HC7900DW Projector Specifications

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  • NZred

    I see this projector can be had for around $1k just about everywhere now. Seems like a bloody good deal at that price? Thinking of putting in the living room for purely movie watching at night in what is a decently dark room with minimal ambient light. Screen size would be around 92″

    • ProjectorReviews.com

      Hi NZred. It truly is an incredible value at $1000, but there is one key factor. Mitsubishi exited both projectors, and some of their display business about 3 months ago. While laws in most countries demand that a manufacturer continue to support a product for several years after something like that, that’s the risk. It obviously won’t be as easy, I would think, to get a Mitsubishi projector serviced 5 years from now, as it would for most companies that are still actively selling projectors though dealers, or direct.

      If New Zealand has you covered, as far as making sure Mitsubishi is responsible for the necessary support, it certainly merits serious consideration. I certainly can’t think of anything near $1000 that comes close (based on US pricing). Good hunting! Let us know how it turns out. -art

      • NZred

        Hi art, thanks for the reply. Give the very low cost (in comparison this costs $3600 in NZD) I am willing to take the risk on purchasing without cover.

        One thing I am having problems with is deciding on a screen, Can probably can look at around $1500USD for a budget. Any suggestions? Living room viewing, nighttime only. Not light controlled but sufficiently dark and far enough away from any windows that ambient light isn’t a huge issue. More the white walls and ceilings that will somewhat be negated but a little device I have built.

        • ProjectorReviews.com

          You didn’t mention what type of screen – in terms of fixed wall, motorized…

          Since you indicate living room, my first thought is motorized, but either way.

          $1500 likely won’t get you into a Stewart fixed wall screen, but might. It definitely wont get you into one of their motorized ones.

          But if you can afford, considering your room, I’d go with a Firehawk. It will help more than a little with those side white walls… I used an older Firehawk in my old house, you’ve probably seen the images in various articles and videos, a high ceilinged room, orginailly with off white surfaces, but later images show it painted a rust color.

          That it helps makes it a good choice for an acceptable room. For a cave or theater, for example I currently use a Studiotek 130.

          The Firehawk is a great compromise, and a first class screen.

          If out of budget, consider screens like Da-lite’s HC Cinemavision or HC Da-Mat, both provide some “rejection of side ambient light”. I tend to recommend the HC Cinemavision gray surface more.

          For even lower cost Elite also has a HC gray surface, but it’s not as dark, so it also isn’t as effective at handling side ambient light. -art

          PS. If you buy a motorized (or pull-down) screen make sure it is a tensioned screen, or you’ll likely be replacing it often. -a

          • NZred

            Do you know anywhere that sells the Firehawk and ships worldwide? Having a heck of a time finding anywhere in New Zealand.