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Mitsubishi HC7900DW Projector – Advanced Calibration Information

The calibration and settings information for the Epson Pro Cinema G6900WU home theater projector.

Color Management Settings (CMS)

Color Management Settings (Default is 0)
Red Green Blue Cyan Magenta Yellow
Hue 6 -20 10 5 -13 8
Saturation 0 -3 15 -10 3 -2
Gain -9 3 -18 -2 0 2


Using the CMS, I could get most of the data points pretty close, with the exception of green.  Even so, absolute luminance was balanced for all three primaries, whereas by default, blue was much higher than the other two.  By default, both magenta and yellow are off a bit in hue, but that was easily corrected in the CMS.

Calibration Charts (Before and After)

Click to enlarge these charts, pre- and post-calibration.