NEC NP-PE401H DLP Multimedia Projector – Performance

NEC NP-PE401H Projector - Brightness

Except where noted, the following measurements were made with the lamp’s Eco setting off.  The NP-PE401H is rated at 4000 lumens and, unlike most projectors we review, that rating was spot on based on our testing.  The NP-PE401H actually exceeded that rating at full wide zoom, where we measured 4685 lumens in High Bright mode (the brightest).  We usually consider anything within 10% below the rated output to be excellent.  As the NP-PE401H measured almost 20% higher than its rating, this is exceptional performance.  Moreover, when at mid zoom (where all of our additional measurements are taken), the output hit the rated output by coming in at 4013 lumens.  Going to full telephoto zoom resulted in a greater drop to 3124 lumens.  Also, the NP-PE401H’s High Bright mode is as good as some projectors’ Presentation mode, so you’ll be able to take full advantage of the available lumen output for most presentations.

Click to enlarge. So close.

Using Presentation mode, the output dropped significantly to 2953 lumens.  Other modes experienced an even great drop in output.  Movie mode, which provides the best color balance for video presentation, came in at 1333 lumens.  Blackboard mode came in at 2953 lumens, with sRGB (slightly better than Movie mode in color balance) at 1068 lumens.

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The two User modes, 1 and 2, came in at 2953 and 1204 lumens respectively.  Finally, Video mode measured 1166 lumens. Going to Eco lamp delivered a lumen output of 2839 lumens in High Bright mode, a drop of 29%.  This level of brightness is more than enough for almost any presentation environment and enables the user to take advantage of the NP-PE401H’s longer lamp life in Eco mode.

NEC NP-PE401H Projector - Audible Noise

For a high output projector, the NEC NP-PE401H has average noise levels  (36dB in Normal lamp mode, 31dB in Eco lamp mode).  Subjectively, the noise level in Normal lamp mode was not objectionable.  There would be no problem with the presenter being heard using the built-in speaker system.  If the aforementioned 29% drop in lumen output (in Eco mode) is acceptable, the NP-PE401H would likely be quiet enough for video or movie viewing.  The bottom line is that regardless of the lamp mode, the NP-PE401H’s fan noise never feels oppressive.

NEC NP-PE401H Projector - Wired Networking

The NEC NP-PE401H offers the ability for wired network control.  There is no wireless control capability and no network presentation.  Control can be done via a browser-based system.  The NP-PE401H also supports PJLink, AMX Beacon and Crestron’s RoomView, allowing multiple devices on the network to be controlled from a single computer or Crestron controller.

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News and Comments

  • sodaboy581

    Why are the lumens reported in your review so substantially different than the ones reported in the ProjectorCentral review?

    Lumen amounts (Mode/ProjectorReviews/ProjectorCentral):

    High Bright/4013/3975

    That’s a CRAZY difference for Presentation and Movie, between two websites. Other differences are minor, but still… Why such a big difference in measurements between sites? Could it really come down to the zoom setting on ProjectorCentral’s lens and screen size vs. what you guys are using?

    PC’s numbers make this projector look way more usable in other modes than this website would lead you to believe.

  • firedrake911

    Hmm, Not sure why the difference in Presentation mode, but PC’s movie mode looks way, way, to high. A typical “business” DLP projector has a large clear slice on the color wheel, which is primarily why those projectors measure far less in color lumens than other technologies (including 3 chip DLPs). Thus, it’s common to have to give up half, or more of total brightness to get a respectable roughly 6500K color accurate picture. I haven’t re-read the whole review, but we normally measure with the zoom at mid-point which tends for us to come up 10-15% below PC’s measurements at full wide angle.