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NEC NP-PE401H DLP Multimedia Projector - Review Summary

Posted on September 10, 2013 by 
A summary of the NEC NP-PE401H Projector's pros, cons.

NEC NP-PE401H Projector: Bottom Line

The NEC NP-PE401H is a very capable performer.  While not particularly outstanding in any department, it is solid in every aspect.  The color quality in the NP-PE401H’s brightest mode is equal or better than much of the competition.  More importantly, the projector’s rated lumen output is very conservative.  We’ve seen many projectors rated at 4000 lumens struggle to achieve 3000.  The NP-PE401H not only exceeds 4000 lumens, it still puts out almost 3000 lumens in Presentation mode, which has a color balance suitable for all but the most demanding color presentations.

The current competition for the NP-PE401H is sparse as there are not many 1080P projectors out there.  The Viewsonic Pro 8520HD (which we have not reviewed) is roughly the same price and is rated at 5000 lumens.  It is not available yet so we don’t know how it will compare.  In any event, with almost 4700 lumens in its brightest mode (and full wide zoom), the NP-PE401H will likely match the Viewsonic for brightness.  While not designed for large venues, this projector can hold its own in a lecture hall, even without total light control.

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The NEC NP-PE401H has a lot going for it and its price point and warranty should be very attractive to the buyer looking for high output, 1080P projector.  In particular, the free 5-year extended warranty with 3 years of InstaCare service will make any prospective buyer think twice before choosing something else.  Throw in a free lamp for houses of worship and the NEC NP-PE401H is a tough act to beat.  Its solid construction and overall performance earn it a Hot Product designation.

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