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Optoma GT720 Game Projector – A projector for gamers

Greetings all,

First, Pete – our new gaming blogger has shipped me the GT720 so I can do the full review. He’s done for now.  Pete reports he played a range of different types of games on it, with great success, and has much to report, which he’s already posted in his Art of Gaming blog. His blog still isn’t well known, and a bit harder to find than mine, so this is just a:

“Hello, and a Reminder” – to go read Pete’s commentary about how the Optoma GT720 does as a serious and not so serious gaming projector.  Let’s just say that Pete – who’s been gaming using his old Epson 6500UB, was most impressed.  Check out his GT720 comments! Pete, btw, is such a gamer… He took the projector right out of the box, hooked it up, adjusted nothing, and started gaming. He’s not a projector hobbyist – he’s a gamer. (We all know how some of us get carried away with the projector’s performance almost forgetting to watch the movie on occasion…)

I haven’t yet hooked up my own Wii, since the move last fall. I expect I’ll break out the Wii Sports, and maybe even Carbon Canyon for my PS3, just to see how it does from a lightweight’s standpoint. (Hey my favorite game is still RISK!) But mostly I’ll be filling out the rest of the review – how the GT720 does overall – movies, sports, etc.

News And Comments

  • Pierre

    GT720 is 3D ready but only work with 720p 120hz input. You can try out with 3D Vision but need the Acer.inf hack to make the projector “3D vision” compatible. I suspect AMD HD3D should work directly with Quad buffering enable.

    Another option to try out 3D is to get Optoma 3DXL external box which make the unit 1.4 3D compatible.

    Looking forward to your impression on 720p 3D vs 1080p 3D.

    • Lisa Feierman

      Hi Pierre,
      The 3D-XL hasn’t arrived here in the US yet. I’ve been waiting. I know it’s in the EU. That said, I just got in the Viewsonic equivalent. I hope to have that up and running with the GT720 later this week. That should let me run blu-ray movies etc. That doesn’t really help tell the gamers much though. I’m not quite set up here, yet for proper gaming, soon though. -art

  • Think Again

    Hi Art,

    let`s not forget about the 120hz benefits. In 2D they are just as impressive. Less blurry textures…. while panning/turning. There are a lot of people enjoying 120hz monitors for this reason. It also helps to keep input lag low. I wished, Pete would have gone into detail a little more and tested 120hz signal by PC. No special equipment like 3D glasses… needed, just feed 1280x720p 120hz signal from graphic card.

    Any chance you/he might look into it?

    About brightness: This projector will be very bright but has low contrast ratio. Is it possible to combine it with a black screen like

    Maybe using this (of course the projected image width need to be low enough) one can achieve a good relative overall (regarding price) performance.

    Looking forward to your review and thx to Pete (so far) !!

    • Lisa Feierman

      Hi Think Again.

      Not sure about input lag, as relating to 120 hz. I’ll have to think about that, as lag, of course is not the issue for watching content, that it is for gaming. That was Pete’s first stab at reviewing a projector for gaming ability. Mostly he behaved like many gamers. Dealt with the projector, out of the box. (not everyone wants to know about, or care about the technical issues like lag, as long as they aren’t a problem). While serious gamers as a group, are probably more technical than most “normal” folk, even gamers vary tremendously. I suspect few PC gamers are non-technical, but, that’s definitely not the case, for most Wii owners, or PS3s and Xbox 360s. I’m sure he’ll want to address your points in future reviews – like the GT750 recently announced but not yet available.

      Moving on, I’ve worked with SI’s black diamonds a lot. And they are going to send me one for my testing room shortly. That said, there are no real “black” screens. The reason that youtube video has the BD (black diamond) looking close to black is due to its ability to not reflect back to the eye, very much light that hits it unless it’s coming from your back wall, like the projector. IN that case, it does nothing at all. The BD is very good at that light rejection, although we found that the Firehawk G3 did a better job when the ambient light comes from the side. I suspect in that video, almost all of the ambient is coming from above.

      The other aspect of that issue is how it would do, say re blacks, in a dark room, with no ambient. if you have the BD II 0.8 gain, yes, the blacks will be a little darker than a normal 1.0 gain screen by virtue of being only 0.8. However, like the Firehawk the BD screens are “high contrast” they do stretch out the range a bit. But that should be true of any high contrast screen. On the other hand, the BD 1.4 would have brighter blacks than a 1.0 gain screen.

      In a fully darkened room screens like the Firehawk G3 and SI’s BD II screens should not be needed (or any other HC grey screens for that matter. And all HC screens will have reduced viewing cones (not a problem typically for a gamer, as they will usually be sitting back from the center of the screen. They all, however will be a bit darker in the sides and corners than in the center. (hope that at least partially answers your question.) BTW not at all familiar with the other brand you provided the link for (youtube).

    • Lisa Feierman

      Think again – one more thought – re 120 hz. From experience, doing 120 hz, vs 60 hz (without CFI), and with 60 hz content, does provide benefits to some people, but not all. It reduces one type of motion blur for some folks more than others. At least that’s been my experience. -art

  • ariel

    Hey Art,

    Just got the Optoma GT720, and I’m enjoying it in my man cave. I’m in that “serious gamer” selection of people you mentioned, and am wondering if you have any calibration setting you can share? Also, I currently see that 3D XL is being sold now in the states for a hefty price on average of $400.00…. way too steep for me. I was wondering if using another brand such as viewsonics own 3d box converter will work with this projector?

    • Lisa Feierman

      hi Ariel,
      I’ve got the GT720 and I’ll start working with it (including measurements – this week). I’m still waiting for the Optoma 3D-XL, but will try the Viewsonic with the GT720. Only problem is right now, I don’t know the Viewsonic’s price, but I’m pretty sure its list price is at least $299, and just as easily $399 or more… Of course I’ll know all that when I get it all set up. hang in there.

      BTW, per Viewsonic, it should work with any competent 3D ready 720p projector.

  • ariel

    Hi Art,

    I appreciate the response back, right now I’m trying to find an even point with contrast and brightness, every where I’ve searched for calibration settings on gt720 sounds like they use Cinema mode, but on my gt720, you cant change any settings unless your in User mode. Also BrilliantColor isn’t good to use. Makes the picture look overly saturated. I’m having issues in color settings. Considering I’m only able to eye ball it which i know is not the professional ISF way. I,m using HDMI on a PS3, but also tried out connection thru component to my satellite box which gives additional color and tint options. Anyhow i cant wait to see your review and specs on calibrations, this thing has many options that i hope I can get the best picture quality for both Blurays and Games

  • Don Jackowski

    Hi Art. Great posts! One thing to mention in reviewing any projector when using 3D – the choice of glasses really makes a difference! I have an Acer H5360 (for 3D only, I have a Panny for 2D) and I’ve tried it with Optomas, Nvidia, UltraClears and Crystal Eyes5 3D glasses.(ok I went a little crazy). At any rate, the CE5s made a major difference, much better blacks and contrast. Looking forward to your review on the GT720. It might be the answer to a question I posed you on a different post…:)