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Optoma GT720 Game Projector - A projector for gamers

Greetings all, First, Pete - our new gaming blogger has shipped me the GT720 so I can do the full review. He's done for now.  Pete reports he played a range of different types of games on it, with great success, and has much to report, which he's already posted in his Art of Gaming blog. His blog still isn't well known, and a bit harder to find than mine, so this is just a: "Hello, and a Reminder" - to go read Pete's commentary about how the Optoma GT720 does as a serious and not so serious gaming projector.  Let's just say that Pete - who's been gaming using his old Epson 6500UB, was most impressed.  Check out his GT720 comments! Pete, btw, is such a gamer... He took the projector right out of the box, hooked it up, adjusted nothing, and started gaming. He's not a projector hobbyist - he's a gamer. (We all know how some of us get carried away with the projector's performance almost forgetting to watch the movie on occasion...) I haven't yet hooked up my own Wii, since the move last fall. I expect I'll break out the Wii Sports, and maybe even Carbon Canyon for my PS3, just to see how it does from a lightweight's standpoint. (Hey my favorite game is still RISK!) But mostly I'll be filling out the rest of the review - how the GT720 does overall - movies, sports, etc.

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