Optoma HD25-LV Home Projector Video Summary

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News and Comments

  • djsvetljo

    WOW. Epson couldn’t have done a better advertisement.

    • ProjectorReviews.com

      Hi djsvetljo, True, I think it’s a great projector, but it’s not the only game in town, I am pretty much just as impressed with the JVC RS400U for an extra $1000. Similar in most ways, but even better black levels (noticeably so), that trades off with JVC’s pixel shifting not seeming to be quite as sharp looking as the Epson. All that said, as I’ve said before, for the difference in price, I recommend the Epson who wants great without spending more than necessary. Personally, if both were the same price, I lean to the JVC, but with a $1000 spread, the Epson’s the better value. Tough call, but definitely the two best projectors under $5000! -art

  • Kelvin1000

    Thank you for the great review Art!

    What are your thoughts on the 10.2gb HDMI of the Epson versus the 18gb HDMI of the JVC?

    I honestly believe that HDR is better suited for TVs as the brightness requirements tend to exceed what many projectors can deliver.

    So if HDR is not a concern, does the lack of 18gb on the Epson make a real world difference in your opinion?