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Gaming Event Uses Epson Projectors

The North American Star League (NASL) recently hosted several gaming events using the power of Epson projectors, and we thought this might be a story our readers would be interested in.
NASL creates highly visible, organized and invigorating professional video game tournaments in North America. They have leveraged Epson projectors for their recent competitions, including:
  • BarCraft: World champion gamers from Europe, China, and Korea played at local bars and pubs around North America and the events were live broadcast into bars using the PowerLite 1925W projectors
  • Global Tournaments: At the Grand Finals Tournament in Toronto they used the Epson PowerLite Pro Z8455WU to show the tournament in an arena on a 16’x9’ main screen and the Epson PowerLite Pro G6900WU for multiple side screens and viewing rooms


Optoma HD131Xe Gaming Projector – Input Lag Times

The Optoma HD131Xe home entertainment projector starts out as one of the least expensive 1080p resolution (Full HD) projectors on the market.  It is a DLP projector, and well suited for serious gaming.  Click for the full HD131Xe review.

This Optoma projector is very nicely sharp, and puts a very bright image up on the screen, that should make it easy to spot enemies in dark areas of the display, thanks to having a pretty good gamma.

But the first test of any projector intended for use by serious gamers, whether your choice of games runs to the likes of Call Of Duty, or   the latest Need For Speed, it’s input lag times that is the spec to look at.

Optoma HD131Xe input lag time:  17 ms  That's Fast!

Optoma HD131Xe input lag time: 17 ms That’s Fast!

50 ms lag times are about as high as the large majority of serious gamers  will find acceptable.  Under about 35, life is generally great, and best I can tell, anything under 20 might as well be considered almost perfect, from a player standpoint.


Review – Acer H6510BD

Hello All!

Back again with an Acer review.  This time it is the H6510BD.  Retailing at $799, this is an entry level projector that supports native 1080p and 3D.  I’m usually pretty impressed with these entry level projectors.  Read on to find out what I think about the Acer H6510BD


Gaming Projector Review – Acer H9500BD

Hey All!

It’s been a while (sorry about that), I’ve been caught up in some projects recently at work.   Art shipped me this projector a little while back and I was able to spend some time with it.   The Acer H9500BD is a 1080p projector that sports features like frame interpolation and 3D.   It is in the price range of the w1070 and may be a good alternative.  Read on to find out how it compares!


Optoma HD23 Review


This is an entry level 1080p projector from Optoma, but this thing was amazingly great for gaming. Virtually no lag, at least in comparison to the Epson 3020 I reviewed last. Keep in mind that during offline game play you will probably not notice the lag, unless you are playing a game like Guitar Hero. If you like to do a lot of online gaming then you will be at a disadvantage if your projector lags. I really loved the Epson for movies, but the Optoma does a great job with movies, and games. The color on the HD23 seemed to pop a bit more than the Epson 3020 with Street Fighter IV. I don’t know if it will translate into the pictures, but there was a noticeable difference. My nice Canon DSLR was on loan, so I only was able to get some shots of Street Fighter IV with it. I tried taking some shots with my Samsung S3, but no matter what phone you have, it’s not the same as using a DSLR…so I skipped on those pictures.