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Projectors, Projectors Everywhere – Many to Review

Greetings projector fans, this is just a brief update of what’s in the queue, as things are getting crazy around here.


Optoma’s HD141X – a very affordable 1080p home entertainment projector claims 3000 lumens at brightest!

First of all, I’m almost finished with the Optoma HD141X, a very nice little roughly $600 – $650 street priced 1080p home entertainment projector.  BTW, I decided not to spend to calibrate this one.  After all, is anyone who’s going to drop $600 on a projector really going to also spend $300 to $500 more to have it calibrated?  Not likely!  Thus, we’ll be reporting and showing images of how it performs, with only minor tweaking, that anyone can do.  The Optoma is only the beginning, lots of projectors arriving, so keep reading.


First Look Projector Review: BenQ HT1075

BenQ's HT1075 adds some capabilities and serves as a very reasonable replacement for the very popular W1070, but it lacks any game changing improvements.


Epson Home Cinema 3000, 3500, 3600e Home Projectors – Launched at CEDIA

Epson is bringing you three new home entertainment projectors – or home theater projectors, if you have the right room.  They are, as noted above, the Home Cinema 3000, Home Cinema 3500, and the Home Cinema 3600e projectors.


Epson’s Home Cinema 3600e is the flagship of the 3000 series. Wireless HD (hdmi), simplifies installation. MSRP:  $1999. Other 3000 PJs from $1299.

Where to start?  These new Epson projectors are pretty bright, with the base model – the Home Cinema 3000 claiming 2300 lumens and the other two projectors both at 2500 lumens.  All three have vertical and horizontal lens shift and 1.6:1 zoom lenses! Think of the line-up this way:  The Home Cinema 3000 is the economy model, while


Sony VPL-VW300ES 4K Projector – Coming to Europe, but not the US?

Greetings everyone,  As mentioned in my last post, I had to fly out of CEDIA before day two, and never got to meet with Sony, but have since spoken with them.  Of primary interest was the status of the VPL-VW300ES, which was launched in Europe at IFA.

Sony's VPL-HW300ES offers true 4K resolution.  Coming soon to the EU, but no word re US.  $6999 EU.

Sony’s VPL-HW300ES offers true 4K resolution. Coming soon to the EU, but no word re US. $6999 EU.

Below I’ve summarized the situation, and the projector’s basic specs. Originally Ron had gotten conflicting info – “no, the VW300ES is not coming to the US” and “it might be here in Q1.” From my discussion with Sony is plays out this way.  Yes, it’ will be shipping to Europe this fall.  No, it won’t be shipping in the US this fall.” “Could we see it in Q1?” I asked.  Basically, the answer was a nice, politically evasive/correct response of:  


New Projectors at CEDIA 2014

Greetings and aplogies projector fans, only half information for you. A family emergency caused me to fly out early Friday morning after only one day at CEDIA. Due to that, I had to cancel more meetings than I attended, and the last day, I walk the show, and see even more new “stuff.”

I didn’t get to meet with Sony and some others. The good news is Ron, who reviews biz/edu projectors, should have hooked up with Sony for that meeting. He therefore should have info to report about the new Sony, so let’s start with how little I know about it.  Truth is, I haven’t even been on my site since I left CEDIA  until just now.

Sony announced the VPL-VW300ES at IFA. I believe