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Let's Save the Planet - Hire the Space Billionaires! An idea that can work!

Greetings Projector Fans!

Something different today – Instead of writing about projectors, I thought I’d take a few hundred words to address something most of us are concerned about – climate change.  And if you agree, please click the link and sign my petition to engage "the space billionaires."

Let’s make a difference. No politics today, just a potential major league solution.

No, don’t make faces… I have a plan. Or rather, others have a plan, we just need the team that can execute.

Here’s the scoop. There are an overwhelming number of things climate change affects – (whether humans are responsible or not) that we need to deal with. So let’s skip the debate (are humans causing it) and let's go directly to solving a very expensive problem, perhaps the most expensive problem in human history.

Sea Level Rise: It seems to me, (and many others) that there’s one area of climate change, that is, by itself, the single largest short term (next 50 years) threat. And yet, it is one that I think we can solve – relatively easily.  So instead of getting bogged down by all the many issues climate change brings that need addressing, let's fix the biggest threat first.

Miami after sea level rise
From The Guardian, a look at how Miami would fare if we have 2 degree Centigrade rise in temps by 2050. aka: "how long can you tread water?"

Nothing will cost more than the global sea-level rise. Most major cities in the world are located by oceans, and are therefore in a large part, just above sea level. London, NYC, LA, Tokyo, Mumbai, Shanghai, Lagos (Nigeria). Calcutta, and Buenos Aires, are the coastal 8 cities (of the 10 highest population cities on earth).  The only two (of the top 10) that aren’t coastal: Mexico City, and Sao Paulo.

The price tag for keeping these cities above water is estimated in the many Trillions of dollars.

Today it sounds like a problem that guys like Musk, Bezos and the other space billionaires can solve for us in the next 15-20 years before we need to spend trillions to keep us above water.  (btw, there’s more info in the actual petition): petition:

Yes this is about intelligently solving a major problem, in a relatively affordable way – so:

Let’s Stop sea levels from rising! In 2005, one variation on how to stop sea-level rise was featured as one of 7 major “Earth scale” engineering projects to deal with climate change. 14-15 years ago, it sounded pretty far-fetched. But since then, there’s now a fast-growing space industry, capable of tackling what was “sci-fy” just 15 years ago.

BBC Future

More recently the BBC also wrote about this idea, and thanks to more than a decade, it sounds way more doable in the near future, time to get started:

An excerpt:

“Space sunshades have support in high places, from the Royal Society to Nasa, to the European Union

…The concept may be increasingly mainstream, but how we’d do it sounds more far-fetched. To uniformly cool the planet in a system that’s always on the move, the shade would be installed in an area of outer space that’s balanced between the gravity of the Earth and the Sun – the L1 point – about a million miles away… “

Sunshade example in Forbes Magazine

Please check out (and sign) my petition, inviting the space billionaires to do what our governments lack the will to do.  Prevent most of the sea level rise that is predicted.

Let’s involve the “A” team, and then get out of the way.

My page has a link to the original article about a space mirror. One variation is to effectively place sun shades between our arctic ice and the sun, and the same between Antarctic ice and the sun.

We can do this. Others can figure out other aspects caused by warming, change etc., such as bio-diversity, heat waves, rainfall patterns changing…but this one seems to be a solution that can be effective even if we are plodding along working on other aspects of our planet’s environment.

Thanks everyone! Let’s see if we can get folks fixing problems, not just arguing about them. -art

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