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Epson Ups their Home Theater Projector Game with New Pro Cinema LS10000

Greetings.  Seems the word is out about Epson’s new higher end home theater projectors thanks to the IFA show in Europe.  There are two, but I want to share information primarily on the new Pro Cinema LS10000.  This projector has a lot of new firsts for Epson.  And I should mention, it’s pretty good looking, very “Euro”, reminding me of SIM2 projectors.  Note, you can click on any of these images for a larger version.

First, let me say, I received an engineering sample, and am reviewing it.  I am hoping to have the review ready for the first day of CEDIA next week, when Epson formally announces the LS10000 in the US.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 12.20.19 PM

Epson provided image showing the light path

What’s so special?  Let’s start with the light engine.  The LS10000 and the less expensive LS9600e (price also to be determined) sport a dual laser based light engine.  OK, so that means long life, but what else?  The color gamut – the range of colors its capable of is massively large – it supports the DCI (that’s Digital Cinema) color system, which has more range than REC709, etc. that we’re used to.  Of course, we’ll need Hollywood to start offering DCI content to us poor home theater folks, to fully appreciate.  On regular content the LS10000′s performance seems as natural as any lamp based projector, and that’s impressive since generally previous attempts at lasers and LED hybrids in home theater projectors have not reviewed that well, due to a large part with getting the color right.  BTW, this laser engine based projector is pretty bright – after we calibrated it, it still managed almost 1300 lumens!  According to Epson, this is a 1500 lumen projector, and per our measurements, it beat that claim in brightest mode.

No lamps to buy, and even better perhaps, the Laser engine should


Our 2014 Best Home Theater Projectors Report is Published

Greetings home theater and projector fans,

The 2014 report just went live.

Best in Class Award WinnerWe will still be proofing, and adding minor content over the first week, but this year’s Best In Class awards are all there.  There really aren’t any great surprises for those of you who pat attention to a lot of the reviews, as there were fewer new HT projectors launched in the last 10 months than in most years.  We also lost Mitsubishi which exited both home and commercial projetors.  Check out the report, it’s a lot more condensed than usual, with more


Home Theater Projectors: Best In Class Awards – Coming Soon

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Optoma HD91 LED Home Theater Projector Review Published

Greetings projector folks, I’m pleased to let you know that the bulk of the Optoma HD91 projector review is now live.  This is a single chip DLP projector, claiming 1000 lumens, and an LED light source.  It has an impressive 1.9:1 manual zoom lens and a good amount of lens shift.

The HD91 also does 3D, using RF glasses and an included, outboard very small emitter. optoma-hd91As you will find out in the report, the HD91 is rather interesting.  It’s the best attempt at a reasonably affordable solid state light engine (LED in this case), for the home theater.

Warning:  Out of the box the color is way off – in all modes, but it calibrates – cleans up, pretty nicely. After Mike’s calibration I’m still not 100% happy with skin tones – but then with their larger color space, I figure the calibrating is a little tougher.  After chatting with Mike and taking some advice,


Optoma HD91 LED Home Theater Projector – Review Started – First Look

Greetings Home Theater Projector fans, the Optoma HD91 is here.

I spent about four hours playing with it last night, mostly getting a handle on how the LED light engine affects the picture (compared to conventional lamps) and how good/accurate the HD91 is in terms of out of the box color performance.

This afternoon Mike stopped by to pick up the HD91 projector to calibrate it.  I’ll have it back