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The Epson Pro Cinema 6050UB Has Arrived! Bright, Flexible, and Fully 4K Capable!

Today the Pro Cinema 6050UB is officially Epson's most advanced home theater projector.  It joins the Home Cinema 5050UB, giving us a pair of a nearly identical set of choices.  To claim its bona-fides as a projector built to properly handle today's 4K content, with HDR and P3 color, Epson calls their solution 4K PRO-UHD.

The Pro Cinema 6050UB - 2600 white and color lumens, lens memory, and full 4K capabilities!

Overall the 2600 lumen, $3995 Pro Cinema 6050UB, is a projector capable of being at home in a wide range of rooms from the proverbial dedicated home theater (aka "man-cave" - or better "people-cave"), to family rooms and dens, media rooms, and spare bedrooms.  For your home theater investment, Epson includes with the 6050UB a spare lamp, a ceiling mount, and a cable cover, those goodies are not included with the HC5050UB.  The Pro Cinema 6050UB also gets an upgraded warranty - three years parts and labor with a rapid replacement program for all three years!  Epson ExtraCare Road Service.

The PC6050UB is loaded with features and performance.  Features start with tremendous flexibility thanks to its 15 elements, all glass 2.1:1 zoom lens and almost 100% vertical lens shift.  Wow!.  Yes, there's plenty horizontal lens shift too.

But, the really great stuff is about the picture.  Epson's UB series projectors have long offered the best handling of really dark scenes of any projectors without spending more and handling those very dark scenes far better than the competition.

4K Capabilities

Then there's 4K content - with HDR - the Pro Cinema 6050UB provides support for both HDR10 used by Blu-ray UHD and HLG for 4K broadcast and streaming.

New 18 GHz HDMI provides full HDMI 2.0 capabilities - 4K at 60fps with HDR and P3 color.  New Tone mapping with real-time HDR curve adjustment provides a brighter and better-balanced image with HDR than previous Epsons and many other projectors.

ghostbusters photo
Dark scenes are a specialty of the UB series. This Ghostbusters image was projected with an HC5050UB, using a Canon 60D

This PC6050UB is another evolutionary step in what is now the over 10 years old and still highly acclaimed UB projector series.  Thanks to some real strides, especially in handling HDR, but also image processing and pixel shifting, the 6050UB should feel like a real step up from those models that came before. Epson is touting some new hardware based processing in three areas, to enhance speed, improving performance.

Speaking of pixel shifting, this Epson uses 1080p LCD panels 1920x1080 x 2, because Epson fires each pixel twice to create a sharper more detailed image. This is similar to most 4K UHD DLP projectors, which are also 1920x1080 but the DLPs do more pixel shifting.

Taken with the similar HC5050UB, the image appears to have a certain clarity not found on many projectors.

The PC6050UB's got game!  Break out your X-Box Playstation or other fav, or maybe a gaming PC. We haven't tested input lag yet, but expect, based on the other recent Epson projector launches, that the PC6050UB will measure less than 30ms input lag.  That should easily satisfy most serious players (but it's still not as fast as a specialized gaming monitor).

We are looking forward to reviewing the Pro Cinema 6050UB.  One is expected shortly.  But, reviews take time.  The day after this announcement blog publishes, we will provide a lot more information and insights on the projector.  Stop back to our homepage.

Here's some background on Epson. They are by far the largest seller of projectors in North America.  Epson is part of Seiko Epson (yes Seiko watches), which in turn is part of the larger Epson Group an approximately $10 Billion US company operating worldwide.  One more thing.  Your author - and site editor, was an employee of Epson for four years, but that was long before projectors when Epson dot matrix printers ruled the world. -art

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