Viewsonic Pro9000 – Review Summary 2

The Very Bottom Line on the Pro9000 projector

The verdict is still out.  If the new projector shows up with the fixes promised, and some better color I’m going enjoy having a hybrid light source I can recommend.

This is a projector that will be more at home in a theater than a livingroom, based on lumens. Still, the Pro 9000 projector has enough brightness to work in more of a family room environment as long as you don’t go too large on screen.  Movies can certainly look good at night, and sports can work in the daytime with some ambient light.

Today, thanks to 3D capable projectors needing extra brightness, most of those are simply a brighter proposition for a livingroom family room. Those others do a better job when messing with ambient light, whether that light is inherent to the room, or because sometimes – like with sports and friends, you just don’t want the room dark.

I owned a JVC projector in my old family room with rust colored walls.  It had less than 900 lumens at maximum, and I got by fine with a 128″ diagonal screen.  With that in mind, if the value proposition of this Viewsonic Pro 9000 projector makes sense, know it can work in those “lighter” rooms than a dedicated theater.

Viewsonic Pro9000 Projector: Pros

  • 20,000 hour LED / Laser light source, reduces long term cost of ownership
  • Many available preset image modes
  • Detail enhancement feature
  • Very good remote control
  • Current version’s Dynamic Iris provides respectable blacks
  • Excellent 3 year warranty with first year replacement
  • Quieter than most, even at full power
  • Near black finish works well in dedicated theaters
  • Very good menu layout
  • Eco friendly – draws significantly less power than competitors

Viewsonic Pro9000 Projector: Cons

  • Color accuracy – but we are expecting improvements with the full production projector arriving soon, but until then, shoud be better
  • LED/Laser light source adds to up front cost of projector
  • No CFI – a feature found on most projectors at this price
  • More brightness, although in general this projector is about average (can you really have too many lumens?)
  • Overall placement flexibility (though typical of single chip DLP)
  • No Adjustable Lens Shift
  • Lacks 3D
  • Could use a couple more User memory modes
  • Limited placement flexibility – typical of lower cost DLP projectors

Viewsonic Pro9000 Projector: Typical Capabilities

  • Average “best” mode brightness
  • Documentation (based on a preliminary pdf manual
  • Overall physical layout, features are typical of Lower to mid cost DLP projectors

Stay tuned for the update!

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News and Comments

  • Bearclaws8

    It’s unfortunate that this review never got updated with a production representative model. Were there any improvements, or degradations, you know of with the production models? Between this projector and the Optoma HD91which would be the better choice? I did notice you eluded to the Viewsonic in the Optoma review and given it’s fire sale pricing it makes for a hard choice. My fear with the Optoma HD91 is with the black levels and minor ambient light which the Viewsonic did not seem to have. I know this review is 2 years old and it’s hard enough to remember 2 weeks ago but any help is appreciate. Hopefully CES this year makes this comment moot with better offerings at the right price point.


      Hi, I agree, I wish I could tell you more. My problem with the Viewsonic, as I recall, is that Mike could not get it to calibrate and produce really good color. I have no reason to believe though, that the situation has changed. I think if they would have done a major update to the firmware, they would have notified me, and asked me to take another look. I’ve reviewed a couple / few Viewsonic projectors since, so it’s not like I don’t get to talk with them. They were disappointed in the results of the Pro9000 review, but weren’t surprised at the time. I think there are a couple other reviews out there, that might help. Not a big fan of the HD91 either because of the black levels, and the occasional visibility of it’s lamp dimming, which can be annoying. Good luck. -art