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Viewsonic Pro9000 Projector – Warranty

Viewsonic is nice enough to serve up one of the best warranties available in the price range.

The Pro9000 projector comes with a three year parts and labor warranty.  As an added bonus, for the first year, they offer a replacement program they call Express Exchange.  Bottom line:  During the first year, if there’s a warranty issue, they will replace the projector (typically with a refurbished one – which is typical in the industry).

For the remaining two years, it’s your standard, send it in to service warranty.

From a comparison standpoint, warranties with replacement programs are not very common. The Sony VPL-HW50ES, a more expensive projector, has three years with a 90 day exchange, and The Epson Pro Cinema 6020 shipping soon (also more money), is 3 years with a 3 year replacement.   Epson’s regular Home Cinema series come with two years with two years of replacement.

Most of the other players offer one or two year warranties.  The Panasonic PT-AE8000 is one of those with a two year warranty.  The BenQ W7000 offers just one year, as do most Optoma projectors.

In other words, there are a couple of projectors out there with as good, or even a slight bit better warranty, but most of the competition comes up short by comparison, to the Viewsonic Pro9000 projector’s three year warranty.