Pro Cinema 6040UB Projector Specifications

Epson UB projector The specifications for the Home Cinema 5040UB are essentially identical to the Pro Cinema 6040UB, except the Pro Cinema has the ISF savable picture modes But don't worry, the 5040UB still has 10 savable modes.

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  • Daniel Jara

    Thanks for a great review. This just made it all that much tougher to make a decision. I am torn right now. If I am going low end for price Epson 5040UB is my choice. Option 1 get Epson 5040UB maybe spend more money on Screen Innovations Screen option 2 keep current Elite Screen and buy JVCX750R

    • Antonio Rangel

      I have the Elite, same size as Art’s, I finally got the ladder out of my HT:-) was using an Epson 6030UB with an Oppo105BD and got this new 5040UB paired with the Samsung UBD-K8500, which is the same combination mentioned on this fantastic review. I am blown away! My recomendation: go for a 235 Elite screen + get the Epson 5040 and the Samsung 4k player, you will not regret it.


        Greetings Antonio! Great minds think alike! thanks for the testimonial. -art

  • AKK

    Hey Art.. fabolous review. Can you make it more hotter by comparing this projector with native 4K like Sony VPL-VW665ES? I had 5030UB and replaced it with VPL-VW665ES. I am damn impressed with blacks and sharpness exhibited by Sony, but major disappointment on inability of Sony Chroma sub-sampling, which is at 4:2:0 for 10 Bits vs 4:4:4 10 Bits by Epson. I am eager to see your views on over HDR performance of both projectors(May be MAD MAX ). Can we expect this comparision in the near future?

  • shawn

    If you had a choice between the Sony vpl65es or jvc dlax550r or epson 5040ub which one would you choose?


      Personally, it comes down to price, perceived sharpness, and black levels. At the same price point, I would definitely be leaning toward the JVC, although I didn’t get to play with it very long (less than a week for my review – which is very short). I’d like to confirm what I believe, which is that the Epson’s pixel shifting comes up looking sharper than JVCs, especially on 4K content. But, I never got to see them both side by side.

      I’d rather have the JVC’s black level performance, and the Epson’s superior perceived sharpness, but alas…

      For the same price, I expect I would choose the JVC but I would consider it close, but with the Epson’s lower price and lower cost of operaton/lamps, etc., I”m thinking it is the better value for most folks. I”m loving the Epson right now, with more than 150 hours of viewing on it. I could certainly live with one of these until I can afford a true 4K. With a $1000 price difference, the Epson is definitely the value choice. -art

      • Daniel Jara

        When you say JVC you are taking about the similarly priced X550R? The contrast ratio and lumens output is quite a bit lower on the JVC correct? Also black level ability is separate from contrast ratio?

    • shawn

      I went with the epson 5040ub do you have and setting recommendations to get me by in till i can get it calibrated? Thank you


        Hi Shawn, Do our Subscriber thing – $3.99 a year. That will get you access to all our advanced calibration pages including the Epsons. (Epson just told me that the main color tables are unchanged in the production units. We’re still sorting out 4K UHD, but the rest should be very helpful… Best bargain in town… -art

        • akgolf

          So rather than having someone come in and calibrate the projector, we can use your settings and they should work or at least be close enough?

  • mark

    Thank you for the comprehensive review. The 5040 is definitely a great projector.
    However I am a little disappointed. This projectors seems more evolutionary than revolutionary. There is no LC on Quartz panels. No Laser light engine and no true 4K panels.I am hoping this years CEDA show fixes this. Maybe the introduction of DLP Fax 4K will spur the LCD camp to bring the really good stuff to market quicker.

  • severed

    Great review! The specs say that the maximum refresh rate at 1080p is 60 Hz. Is that true even using the hdmi 2.0 port?
    That would make high frame rate pc gaming (90 fps or 120 fps) impossible right now… Is that right?

    Hope I’m wrong…!

  • gun_clutcher

    ..I posted a lengthy review yesterday with a pertinent question and it’s been removed…gee thanks fellas

  • George Nielsen

    Hello, first time posting and relatively new to projection. I’ve got a couple questions. First how’s the refresh rate on this projector for 1080p as well as 1080p with 4K shift enabled. I’m looking mostly at sports and gaming in this regard however I did see input lag was excellent on this model. My second question regards my surround sound unit. Would hooking everything to the receiver first and then running one hdmi to the projector create more input lag? Or am I better off hooking to the projector first and then to the receiver via optical? – and in that case would it handle Dts etc effectively. Thanks in advance!


      Hi George, I’ll try my best to answer what I can (not being an engineer…) First, I believe Epson uses a very fast 480 refresh rate to the panels, but I not sure that has any bearing. For gaming, it comes down to input lag. pixel shifting should increase input lag, I just don’t recall if I measured it separately for on and off (if so, it’s in the review). The mere fact that it’s a second firing of the pixels would seem logical to assume that we lose some time. So short of trying it out when you buy one, I’d say figure on pixel shifting, and CFI definitely off.

      If your receiver has minimal input lag (as most should), then it likely doesn’t matter. I have always fed the signal directly from sources to my projectors, but separated out the audio using digital audio to my receiver. I do plan to soon replace my now ancient THX receiver with something that fully supports HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, etc., that can handle all my 4K, etc. -art

      • George Nielsen

        Thanks for your prompt response, I’ll likely hook everything through my reciever first and if I notice lag switch to projector first. I’ll also be subscribing for those calibration settings to help me perfect the system.

  • Luke WarmTemp

    Hello, I would like to know if you saw any color banding while reviewing the 5040UB ? Turns out this projector only supports 100% of the DCI-P3 color space if you’re watching movies in Digital Cinema color mode. Every other color mode supports something less then 100%. This would especially relevant if you’re watching UHD movies with HDR content as Epson’s recommended HDR color mode is Bright Cinema.