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Epson HC5040UB, PC6040UB Projector Review - Performance

Posted on August 11, 2016 by Art Feierman

EPSON HC5040UB, PC6040UB HOME THEATER PROJECTOR REVIEW PERFORMANCE Page:  Out-of-the-Box Brightness, Color Temperature, and Post Calibration Results

Maximum brightness measured for the 6040UB sample we have here measures 2387, slightly below the 2500 lumen claim.  A Home Cinema 5040UB should produce the same results (give or take unit to unit variation).

Of course, this is an early engineering sample, so it will probably differ from production units.  Interestingly another review site measured just over 3000 lumens max for their 6040UB!  Now that's too big a difference, so we'll have to see...

I should also note, that since Mike our old calibrator has retired, the 2387 lumens number I measured was with my own gear.  My meter typically measured about 7% lower than Mike's did.  Also of note, we tend to measure projector when they first arrive, and are "brand new" out of the box.  In this case, the 6040UB had just over 130 hours on it when measured.  As most lamps dim a bit over the first 100 hours or so, there might have been another 3% - 6% more lumens had we measured it with only 1-10 hours on the lamp.  No worries.  We plan to remeasure as soon as we have a production model, and then will update the review.

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