Projector Reviews

AudioQuest’s Session with Frederic Pinsonneault and Isaac Markowitz

8K and high frame rate 4K content require higher bandwidth HDMI cables. Join the AudioQuest session as we explore their latest HDMI cable options which ensure high-quality audio and video transfer.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Sony’s Session with Rob Brennan --

Sony will discuss their newly announced Home Theater Projectors (VW915ES and VW715ES) that include a new projector optimized version of their X1 video processor which allows frame-by-frame analysis and tone mapping of HDR content.

Kaleidescape’s Session with Brett Bjorkquist and Andre Floyd --

Join us as Kaleidescape covers their new product lineup including their Movie Library, and the benefits of high bandwidth digital downloads.

LG’s B2B Session with Keith Robinson --

In addition to LG’s lineup of consumer projectors, they also introducing three models targeted toward business users. Keith Robinson provides an overview of their lineup of business projectors.

Epson’s Session with Rodrigo Catalan --

Explore Epson’s home entertainment products including the newly released EpiqVision LS500 Laser Projection TV.

Friday, October 2, 2020

JVC’s Session with Chris Deutsch and Rob Budde --

JVC will discuss how their new Theater Optimizer feature works in conjunction with their proven Frame Adapt HDR tone mapping to further improve their Home Theater projector’s already outstanding HDR picture quality.

Screen Innovations’ Session with Jason Russell --

Screen Innovations is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality Home Theater projector screens. Join Jason Russell as he covers their latest product lineup.

VAVA’s Session with Jeh Lin --

Learn more about VAVA’s popular ultra-short-throw smart 4k Laser projector which offers a quality picture at an affordable price making it a compelling large TV replacement option.

Elite Screens’ Session with Jaime Abrego --

Elite Screens offer several projection screen options which includes an extensive lineup of ambient light rejecting models. Join Jaime Abrego as we look at the different ALR screen solutions for living rooms, theaters, classrooms, and meeting rooms.

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Exploring Long Distance HDMI Solutions with AVProEdge and HDBaseT --

Long distance HDMI solutions will be discussed in this session.

BenQ’s Session with Bob Wudeck --

Learn about BenQ’s current lineup of projectors including their newly released Android TV equipped smart projectors including the HT3550i and TK850i

Notable Sony Installation Related Features with Rob Brennan --

Sony returns to cover interesting features that increase placement flexibility, maximize reliability, and speed up installation.

AudioQuest’s Session with Frederic Pinsonneault and Isaac Markowitz --

Join the AudioQuest session as we explore their latest HDMI cable options which ensure high-quality audio and video transfer.

AVProEdge’s Projector Installation Tips and Tools Session --

AVProEdge offers a wide selection of HDMI extenders, matrix switchers, distribution amplifiers, and integration tools. They will cover the many ways these products are utilized in projection installation scenarios.

Projector Calibration Session with Jason Dustal from Murideo and Chris Deering --

Learn quick tips to maximize the picture quality of any projector. Join us and Murideo, who is a leading manufacturer of A/V testing tools, as we discuss the benefits of professional calibration.

HDR Panel Session with Jason Dustal, Kris Deering and Jim Peterson (Lumagen) --

HDR reproduction is still challenging for projectors. Join us as our panel discusses the different ways manufacturers are addressing these issues. Learn how external video processors from companies like Lumagen can improve the HDR performance of just about any projector.