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JVC DLA-RS1100 4K DILA Projector Review – Summary

Posted on July 18, 2022 by Phil Jones
The new Reference Series projector DLA-RS1100

The new Reference Series projector DLA-RS1100 and its Procision Series twin brother the DLA-NP5, utilize JVC's 3rd Generation 0.69-inch native 4K D-ILA devices to deliver a sharp detailed image with JVC’s award-winning black levels.

Like previous Procision and reference series projectors, these two models feature the same design, feature set, and price point.  Both of these projectors are lamp-based units. This helps keep the cost down compared to its laser-equipped big brothers.

The DLA-RS1100 can deliver 1,900 Lumens with a high native contrast ratio of 40,000:1. JVC is offering each of these projectors for $6,999 MSRP, which means a much broader range of buyers will soon be able to purchase a JVC 4K D-ILA projector at a more approachable price.

The DLA-RS1100 is equipped with a 65 mm diameter lens which adopts an all-glass design with 17 elements in 15 groups to ensure sharp focus across the entire screen. The motorized 2.0:1 zoom lens assembly also offer tons of horizontal and vertical lens shift to maximize installation flexibility.

The Frame Adapt HDR combined with Theater Optimizer dynamically measures the brightness of HDR10 content and automatically adjusts the DLA-RS1100’s settings to deliver the best HDR picture possible. The RS1100 also supports HLG and HDR10+. In 2022, HDR10+ content will be available from streaming services like HULU, Amazon Prime Video, and on select 4K UHD Blu-ray Discs.

RS1100 includes dual 48Gbps HDMI 2.1 inputs

In addition, the RS1100 includes dual 48Gbps HDMI 2.1 inputs that can accept 4K@120fps signals. While there is a lot of video content shot at this frame rate, the fact that the RS1100 can accept a 4K/120P signal makes it a good match with the latest gaming consoles.


Spending an additional $4,000 to step up from a DLA-RS1100 to the DLA-RS2100 offers several benefits. The RS2100 is 300 lumens brighter and has a BLU-Escent laser light source that delivers 20,000 hours of nearly maintenance-free operation.

While the RS1100 and RS2100 both utilize native 4K DILA devices, the RS2100 also includes 8K e-shift. To further improve image clarity, 8K e-shift technology in the RS2100 can shift each pixel diagonally 0.5 pixels to double the unit’s projected resolution.

Compared to the competition, I have yet to find a single chip consumer 4K DLP projector that could come anywhere close to the contrast and black level of the DLA-RS1100. If you have the budget to step up from a 4K DLP projector to a 4K D-ILA like the RS1100, you should absolutely do it.

Epson makes some great 4K e-shift projectors, including the Pro Cinema LS12000 ($4,999 SRP). The LS12000 is 800 lumens brighter and its laser light engine offers years of nearly maintenance-free operation. The 3LCD panels used in the Epson LS12000 deliver excellent contrast but D-ILA devices used in the JVC DLA-RS1100 are still better.

While native vs pixel-shifted resolution is still a heated debate among home theater enthusiasts, Epson’s pixel shift technology does deliver an image that is visibly sharper than a traditional native 1080p projector. However, when compared side by side, a native 4K projector like the RS1100 still appears sharper.

The new laser-equipped Sony XW5000ES ($6,000 SRP) retails for $1000 less than the lamp based RS1100, and it is also 100 lumens. For years JVC D-ILA produced higher native contrast than Sony SXRD models, but new 4K SXRD panels used in the XW5000ES have closed the gap.

For $1,000 more, the RS1100 has dual 48Gbps HDMI inputs which support 4K@120fps playback and the projector is also compatible with HDR10+ content. The JVC also includes a motorized lens with lens position memories. JVC provides the ability to save up to 10 types of installation adjustments to be easily recalled. These include lens memory, pixel adjustment, and screen masking. Screen size and gain, and aspect ratios can also be set.

I look forward to having the opportunity in the future to compare the JVC DLA-RS1000 to the Sony VPL-XW5000ES.

The new JVC RS1100 Projector

 While RS1100 does not include the laser light sources found in JVC models above it, the JVC RS1100 includes many of the award-winning technologies found on JVC’s more expensive models. Labeling the JVC DLA-RS1100 as an entry-level projector would be a disservice. This projector will probably outperform many manufacturers’ flagship models based on its features and performance. This makes it an excellent option for a home theater enthusiast with a smaller budget that desires a native 4K JVC D-ILA projector.

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