Projector Reviews

Acer K335 LED Pocket Projector – Review Summary

Acer K335 Projector: Bottom Line The Acer K335 provides an attractive option for those looking for a reasonably priced, portable projector that has above average light output (i.e., for this class of pocket projector).  It provides a sharp, fairly bright image for business presentations for screen size of up to perhaps 90 inches diagonal.  It handles non-native resolutions quite well and displays fair color rendition in all but the brightest picture mode.  The lack of a zoom lens causes initial setup to take more time, but that’s the trade off one must make for such a compact sized projector.  The K335 needs to be placed a few inches lower than […]

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Acer K335 LED Pocket Projector – Performance

Acer K335 Projector – Brightness The Acer K335  is rated at 1000 lumens, which is well above the lumens rating of the typical LED pocket/portable projector.  All measurements were taken with the projector displaying an 81” wide image with the projector about 9.5 feet from the screen.  Consistent with other reviews, our measurements were taken at the brightest point of the image (usually near the center bottom of the image). Selecting the ‘Bright’ picture mode (the brightest), we measured a maximum of 668 lumens, about 33% less than advertised.  Using ‘Sports’ mode, the output dropped to 406 lumens.  Next, ‘Standard’ mode dropped slightly to 387 lumens with ‘Game’ […]

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Acer K335 LED Projector – Image Quality

Acer K335 Color & Picture Quality Two different video sources were used to evaluate the color and picture quality of the Acer K335.  To evaluate the projector’s performance for displaying business presentations and documents, I used my laptop PC connected via HDMI to the K335.  For evaluating the projector’s performance for displaying video I used a Blu-ray Disc player connected to the Acer K335 via HDMI.           […]

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