Projector Reviews

Asus P2B Pocket Projector Review – Summary

The Asus P2B projects an image that is bright enough for business presentations to a small audience.   Projected images have well saturated colors but with an overall cool color temperature.  Accuracy of colors is a little weak with the P2B and the overall sharpness of the image is a little soft.  However, the P2B scores points for its great features for the on-the-go business traveler.  This model has great capabilities for computer-free operation with 2GB of built-in user memory, plus connectors for microSD and USB flash drives, and the ability to read and display a wide array of video, photo, audio and […]

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Asus P2B Pocket Projector Review – Performance

The Asus P2B has fixed focal length lens with a specified throw ratio range of 1.1:1.  For the following measurements and evaluations, I positioned the projector at about 88 inches from the screen, which produced an image about 80 inches wide. Note:  The testing was conducted in a totally dark room using a matte white screen with a gain of approx. 1.1,  The projected image was rather dim when viewing video and photos.  A smaller screen size would be more appropriate for using with this projector in a typical business setting. […]

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Asus P2B Pocket Projector Review

The Asus P2B in a Pocket, or mini portable, projector with a maximum dimension of only 5.6 inches and a weight of under one and a half pounds.  The P2B has a footprint a little larger than a case for a CD and is 1.36 inches thick, which makes it larger than the tiny Pico projectors so instead I’ll refer to it as ‘Pocket” or ‘mini-portable’.  It does have a separate AC power supply similar in size to those used with a laptop PC.  The P2B has a built-in battery that, when fully charged, can operate the projector for about 1.5 hours. […]

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