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Dell Advanced Projector: P519HL Laser Projector Review

March 12, 2019
The Dell Advanced Projector P519HL is a full 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080), 4,000 lumen projector for business and education applications with DLP technology and a laser light engine.
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Dell S718QL - A 4K UHD, Ultra Short Throw, Laser Projector Review

March 13, 2018
Review of the Dell S718QL 4K UHD Ultra-Short Throw Laser business and education projector.
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Dell 1610HD DLP Multimedia Projector Review

October 1, 2010
A detailed review of this Dell 1610HD DLP projector. Images and related commentary, added by Art
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Dell S300W XGA DLP Multimedia Projector Review

May 11, 2010
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Dell's Tiny But Powerful M209X DLP Business Projector: Overview

March 27, 2008
3-27-08 Art Feierman
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Dell 3400MP DLP Micro Portable Projector Review - Overview

May 26, 2007
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Dell 2400MP Portable Projector Review - Overview

July 26, 2006
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