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Kaleidescape Compact Terra 6TB Movie Server Review

Kaleidescape-Terra-6TB Hot Product Award

Kaleidescape products are designed to download, store, and playback movies and TV shows in full video fidelity with high-quality multichannel audio. In addition, Kaleidescape offers a massive library of movies, in up to 4K HDR, along with TV series, documentaries, concerts, and more. Both Blu-ray quality and 4K Ultra HD movies are available with lossless multichannel and object-based audio, including Dolby Atmos. So while Kaleidescape does not make projectors, they definitely make equipment that will enhance your home entertainment experience. In this review, we will be talking about Kaleidescape’s brand new Compact Terra 6TB (6 terabyte capacity) movie server. Kaleidescape […]

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Maximize Your Theater’s Performance with Kaleidescape

This month’s sponsored article is brought to you by Kaleidescape, the industry leader in premium multi-room, home entertainment systems that store and play back full fidelity video and audio content.   One of the things you’ll notice as you peruse home theater guides on the internet is that they tend to focus on the same types of components: your imaging device (projectors, TVs, etc.), speakers, and the AV components required to make them work. However, these reviews often do not highlight the source component many of us use to make sure the content we play is consistent and perfect across the various […]

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Maximize Your Theater’s Performance with Kaleidescape- Continued

Building Two Amazing Home Theater Systems In an effort to make your life easier and point you in a direction that is going to net you fantastic home theater results, we’ve combined our nearly 100 years of industry knowledge and designed two amazing home theater systems at two different budgets along with the team at Kaleidescape and Sound United. The simple principle to remember here is: even with a $15,000 system, investing in a Strato is going to get the best performance from your components today as well further improving any system upgrades you make in the future. All while […]

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