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Runco Lightstyle LS-5 Projector Review

June 17, 2011
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Runco Lightstyle LS-10d Projector Review

March 17, 2011
This Runco Lightstyle LS-10 projector is the second Runco projector we've reviewed to date. We received the LS-10d projector - which is essentially the same as the standard LS-10i, but comes with the impressive DHD4 outboard Processor for an equally impressive $26,995. The DHD4 is also sold with the
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Runco Lightstyle LS-7 Projector Review

June 22, 2010
It's taken me 4 years to talk Runco out of a unit to review, but, at last, I present to you, the Runco LS-7 review. This Runco LS-7 projector is a 720p resolution 3 chip DLP. It happens to be the first 3 chip DLP we've reviewed in about 3+ years
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