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Samsung The Freestyle Portable LED Projector Review

The Samsung Freestyle is a portable smart LED projector that retails for $799. At first glance, the projector seems expensive based on its basic specs. However, the freestyle is one of the best thought-out portable projectors that we have ever reviewed. Samsung is one of the world’s leading flat-panel TV manufacturers, but there are some applications where a projector is a better display solution. But, the Freestyle is not targeted at the traditional projector customer. Its unique combination of features and optional accessories are designed to make the benefits of projection attractive to more customers.  “The Freestyle is a one-of-a-kind […]

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Samsung Premiere LSP9T Laser TV Review

Samsung-LSP9T-Highly Recommended Award

The Premiere LSP9T and its little brother, the Premiere LSP7T is Samsung’s first 4K ultra-short-throw smart projectors. Each year Flat-panel TVs get bigger and bigger. For example, Samsung offers several 85″ models starting at $1800. However, Samsung realizes that some customers desire an even larger more immersive picture. The Premiere Series of Laser TVs are designed to appeal to those customers. The Samsung LSP9T which we reviewed originally had a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $6,499 so it sells at a higher price point than most Laser TVs. However its premium features and build quality justify its premium price. […]

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Samsung Freestyle – The Swiss Army Knife of Portable Projectors

Samsung The Freestyle

Call me crazy, but one of the things I absolutely love about the Consumer Electronics Show is when I come across wild, out-of-left-field products. These types of products are not as common as you would think and generally come from one of two types of companies. They tend to come from single-product companies that have a unique passion for launching one-off niche products or really large consumer electronic giants with deep pockets and a willingness to take risks typically related to the need to increase market share. Don’t get me wrong, after attending CES and other tech shows for over […]

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