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Far Cry 6 Review | Projectors & Gaming

Posted on November 14, 2022 by Phil Jones
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We continue our series focused on gaming on a projector. This month we’re looking at Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6. Ubisoft has been publishing Far Cry games since 2004, with Far Cry (2004), Far Cry 2 (2008), Far Cry 3 (2012), Far Cry 4 (2014), Far Cry 5 (2018), and Far Cry 6 (2021).

Far Cry 6 is a massive open-world, first-person shooter (FPS) game. Far Cry 6 can be played single-player or co-operative online, where you can turn “Friendly FireOff or On for more realistic gaming. Far Cry 6 is published by Ubisoft and was released on October 07, 2021. It is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia, Amazon Luna, and Microsoft Windows PCs. For PS5 and PS4, Far Cry 6 - Standard Edition can be purchased for $59.99 and is just the base game. Far Cry 6 – Deluxe Edition can be had for $79.99 and includes the Vice Pack, Jungle Expedition Pack, and Croc Hunter Pack. Far Cry 6 - Gold Edition includes the base game and a Season Pass for $9.99. Lastly, Far Cry 6 – Game Of The Year Edition is $119.99. The Game Of The Year Edition includes everything in the Deluxe Edition and Gold Edition plus Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Classic Ed., 3 DLC episodes, and Lost Between Worlds (coming soon).

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BenQ sent Projector Reviews demo samples of the X3000i and TK700 gaming projectors.

BenQ sent Projector Reviews demo samples of the X3000i and TK700 gaming projectors to write our monthly gaming on projector articles. BenQ is deeply embedded in the gaming world. BenQ owns ZOWIE, the maker of gaming monitors for eSports. ZOWIE is BenQ’s brand dedicated to developing professional eSports equipment. So, having a series of gaming projectors from BenQ provides us gamers with some great gaming options.

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I paired Far Cry 6 with the BenQ X3000i gaming projector for this gaming with a projector article. The BenQ X3000i retails for $1,999 and is a 4K HDR 4LED gaming projector with 3000 ANSI lumens and dual integrated 5-watt chamber speakers.

BenQ states the X3000i was designed for use with PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Nintendo Switch. BenQ also says the X3000i 4K 4LED gaming projector is designed for cinematic immersion in gameplay with 4LED HDR-PRO™, for grand scenery in authentic colors with dynamic virtual 3D sound from various directions.

For this article, I connected my PS5 to the BenQ X3000i via a 48Gbps HDMI 2.1 cable. I then projected it onto a 100-inch (16:9) Elite Screens Aeon fixed frame projection screen with Elite’s Edge Free® technology and Elite’s CineWhite® UHD-B screen material. The CineWhite® UHD-B (Tensioned Matte White) is a 1.3 gain flexible front projection screen material that is ISF certified for achieving accurate color reproduction and image fidelity. BenQ proudly boasts the X3000i’s ability to reproduce authentic colors in games utilizing BenQ’s CinematicColor™ technology. For the BenQ X3000i, an ISF-certified screen made sense for this gaming article.

The X3000i is targeted toward casual and hardcore gamers alike. The X3000i has many specifications that make up a good gaming projector for an open-world FPS like Far Cry 6. For instance, the X3000i has dedicated game modes for FPS, RPG, and SPG modes with audio, visual, and optimized latency settings for action-adventure games like Far Cry 6. Changing the X3000i’s Picture Mode from HDR10 to HDR Game gives you access to the projector’s Game Settings, where you can toggle Fast Mode On or Off. With Fast Mode turned on, the X3000i minimizes the response time between the input source and the displayed image. BenQ states the X3000i has 4K graphics with 16.67ms input lag at 60Hz. Switching from 4K to FHD (1080p) drops the input lag to a blazing fast 4.16ms (1080p@240Hz) and 8.3ms (1080p@120Hz).

Far Cry 6 Cover Art - Projector Reviews - Image

Far Cry 6 is a massive open-world first-person shooter game that takes place in a fictional Caribbean country called Yara. You choose whether to play as a male, or female local Yaran turned guerilla revolutionary named Dani Rojas. As Dani, it is up to you and your motley group of guerilla fighters to rebel against the fascist dictator of Yara, Antón Castillo, whose oppressive rule has ignited a revolution. To make matters worse, Antón seeks to groom his teenage son Diego to be his heir. You’ll most likely recognize Antón’s voice. Hollywood star Giancarlo Esposito is the voice actor of Antón.

Utilizing the Arsenal menu allows you to customize Dani’s weapons. Do you like precision shooting? If so, grab yourself a sniper rifle. More of a spray-and-pray player? Equip Dani with a light machine gun or an AJM 9 auto-pistol and send rounds down range at 900 rounds per minute. You can also load Dani with various other rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, bows, and grenade launchers. Did I mention that you can equip Dani with a “Resolver Weapon” called the Toastador? It’s a flamethrower that can also be customized!

Dani’s Gear (head, chest, legs, feet, and wrists) can also be accessed under the Arsenal menu. The customization does not stop there; you can customize vehicles using the Rides menu. For example, Dani’s “Rides” include cars, trucks, aircraft, and hovercraft, all customizable in the Rides menu. Dani can also use an animal companion to fight by your side with the Amigos menu. Seriously, who doesn’t want a stealthy jaguar or a self-reviving battle crocodile as an animal companion?

Clicking on Dani’s Journal allows you to track your Operation, Yaran Stories, Treasure Hunts, and Military Targets. Regarding tracking, going to the Map menu will enable you to see a map of Yara. Utilizing the map allows Dani to track Horse Pickup and Vehicle Pickup locations, making your traversing of Yara much easier. Quick tip, if you plan to take to the skies in any of the airborne vehicles, I highly suggest you take out the anti-aircraft sites first. Use the map to find these anti-aircraft sites and take them out, so you don’t find yourself getting shot out of the sky.

You won’t get very far in any game if you can’t accurately see what’s happening around your character during dark and bright scenes. I frequently say, “Nobody likes it when their character is killed by an adversary they had no chance of seeing.” Far Cry 6, like many newer games, has enhanced graphics with HDR. The inclusion of HDR support in games means you see everything in the bright and dark areas. Since the human eye is more sensitive to color and contrast than it is to resolution, having a projector with an HDR game mode like the X3000i is extremely helpful because it allows you to take advantage of these new games with enhanced graphics.

When I press R2 on the PS5 remote to shoot, I want Dani to fire off that shot ASAP! In Far Cry 6, you’ll be quickly taken out by Antón Castillo’s army if you are not using a low-input lag gaming projector/display. I played Far Cry 6 in 4K@60Hz and really appreciated the BenQ X3000i’s low 16.67ms input lag (4K@60Hz). The low input lag definitely contributed to my ability to stay in the game with quick shots at my foes. The X3000i’s low input lag rivals the best flat-panel TVs, ensuring that gameplay will be responsive enough for most gamers and far exceeds the needs of a casual gamer.

To increase your immersion in a game, you’ll need the game’s audio to match the visuals. A projector can project stunning images, but you won’t feel like you are being drawn into the game if the audio is lackluster. Some projectors have enhanced audio capabilities for those who want to ditch built-in projector speakers. The X3000i, for example, has eARC support. Even though the HDMI-2 port on the rear of the X3000i simply says “Audio Return,” the X3000i most definitely has eARC support. With eARC’s added capacity, the X3000i HDMI supports multiple audio outputs, including 2.0, 5.1, 7.1, and Dolby Atmos, to an external audio system. In addition, the following audio output formats are provided to achieve your desired audio performance: LPCM supports 2-channel audio output, RAW supports 5.1-channel audio output, and RAW+ supports Dolby Atmos audio output. Get yourself a projector that supports eARC to take full advantage of the cinematic sounds built into many games.

Far Cry 6’s sound effects and music tracks must have taken Ubisoft a significant amount of time and effort to implement. Far Cry 6’s audio draws you even further into the gaming experience. The BenQ X3000i has treVolo tuned full-range speakers built-in, virtual 3D surround sound via Bongiovi DPS technology, and dedicated audio modes fine-tuned to bring out the sound details and directions of various game types and scenes. I switched Far Cry 6’s Audio Dynamic Range from Medium to Full, which provides. The Audio Dynamic Range determines the amplitude between the loudest and quietest in-game sounds. The Full setting ensures a large range.

My newly remodeled projector lab allows me to toggle between a Polk Magnifi Max Sound Bar and a Definitive Technology Studio 3D Mini Sound Bar; both have wireless subwoofers. The sound bars permit me to test ARC/eARC HDMI ports on projectors. Far Cry 6 sounded great when played through the X3000i integrated audio system. Unsurprisingly, Far Cry 6 sounded amazing when utilizing the X3000i’s HDMI eARC port connected to one of the sound bars. I think it goes without saying that the sound bars paired with their respective subwoofer provided a much more powerful audio experience.

One of the best parts about gaming on a huge projector screen is your ability to see enemies coming and quickly lining up your weapon sights on the enemy. Depending on the weapon I was using, my aiming reticle ranged from 3.5-inches to 5.5-inches. It’s pretty hard to miss your target when your weapon sights are so big. Depending on how close I was to NPCs, they ranged in size from 3-inches up to 41-inches inches tall. Since I sit about 11 feet from my 100-inch projector screen, I had quite the immersive gaming experience. It would be difficult to duplicate, even with a large flat-panel display. Sure, you could pull up your gaming chair extremely close to a monitor or TV to feel more immersed in the game. However, all those Nits at close range will quickly fatigue your eyes.

Screenshot From Far Cry 6 - Projector Reviews - Image

Gaming with a projector and a massive screen is one of the most immersive gaming experiences you can have, minus having it on a Virtual Reality (VR) gaming headset. Still, those get heavy and hurt your head and eyes after a while. My VR gaming headset only comes out when a houseguest specifically asks to try it out. It does not matter if you are a casual gamer, a hardcore gamer, or a competitive gamer; gaming with a gaming projector is an excellent way to upgrade your gaming experience. Gaming with a projector also has the added benefit of possibly turning your household into spectators and early warning systems. You may find your family and friends gathering around as you play. Inevitably, they’ll start yelling warnings when they see danger, especially if you’re too focused on one threat and do not notice the other approaching.

We’ve covered Rainbow Six - Extraction, Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, Horizon Forbidden West, Elden Ring, Gran Turismo 7, Dying Light 2, Saints Row – Self Made, Halo Infinite, and now Far Cry 6. Stay tuned for more gaming on a projector in 2022 with games like Hogwarts Legacy and Warhammer 40,000: Darktide; you won’t want to miss anything.

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