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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction Review | Projectors & Gaming

Posted on March 16, 2022 by Phil Jones


For the first Projector Reviews monthly projector gaming article, I will be focusing on the experience of playing Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Extraction with a projector and a large projector screen. BenQ’s TK700 4K Short-Throw Gaming Projector is a purpose-built FPS competition gaming projector. The TK700 is fine-tuned to provide the smoothest, most responsive experience and the clearest images to arm you for competition gaming or casual gameplay.

As such, I thought it would be proper to pair it with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Extraction, which was released on January 20, 2022, and can be played alone or with friends from any platform in this one to three-player co-op PvE FPS. So, first, I connected my PlayStation 5 to the TK700 via a 48Gbps HDMI 2.1 cable. Next, I projected the TK700 onto a 110-inch Screen Innovations (SI) Solo Pro 2 Unity AT Pure White 1.3 gain screen.

I easily saw the round count of my red laser equipped Auto-Turret from a good distance once I deployed it.

It was wicked playing Rainbow Six: Extraction on the projector paired with a big screen. For instance, while playing the Spillover Event, I easily saw the round count of my Auto-Turret from a good distance once I deployed it. Knowing how many rounds are left can be vital while defending the REACT Dissolution Agent Canisters placed on the Archæan Sprawl Colonies. Seeing how many rounds I had from farther away was a lot better than running up closer and getting out of defensive position to check on the Auto-Turret.

I broke out a tape measure and measured an Elite Archæan at over 16-inches.  

Everything was a lot easier to see when compared to a typical gaming monitor or TV. I broke out a tape measure and measured an Elite Spiker at over 16-inches. I, of course, used my drone so I could get the photo without my operator getting attacked. Nobody is going to accidentally miss seeing a 16-inch enemy standing in front of you.

The TK700 projector features HDR Game mode. After the TK700 auto-detects metadata or Electro-Optical Transfer Function (EOTF) info from HDR contents, HDR Game mode becomes available for selection. 

HDR Game is used to activate the Game Settings menu for HDR gameplay. HDR Game sends static metadata to the video stream, which is encoded information on color calibration settings required to make images look more like the game creator’s intentions. When playing Rainbow Six: Extraction, the TK700’s 3,200 ANSI lumens and 96% Rec.709 ensure that in HDR Game mode the projector delivers a bright colorful image while still retaining highlight detail.

Rainbow Six: Extraction has 19 Elite Operators with progression levels to choose from. My two go-to operators are Zofia and Pulse.

Rainbow 6 Extraction Zofia
Zofia is resilient to all blinding effects and can revive herself when downed.

Zofia starts the game with an LMG-E light machine gun. While not as single-shot efficient as Pulse’s shotgun, it gets the job done. She has two special abilities. First, Zofia can equip her KS79 LIFELINE Launcher that fires both concussion and impact grenades.

Second, she is also resilient to all blinding effects and can revive herself when downed. The 69 guns, 25 gadgets, 12 large dynamic maps, and 13 mutating enemies ensure gamers will not get bored with the game anytime soon.

Pulse starts the game by deploying an M1014 shotgun, which quickly takes out Archæans and enemy nests. His unique ability is detecting VIPs, MIAs, and enemy nests through obstacles.

Scene from Rainbow Six Extraction
Pulse’s unique ability is detecting VIPs, MIAs, and enemy nests through obstacles.

Ubisoft writes, “The Chimera parasite that caused an Outbreak in New Mexico has suddenly reappeared across the US, deadlier than ever and spreading rapidly. To prepare for any future threat, the Rainbow Exogenous Analysis & Containment Team (REACT), a highly specialized and outfitted organization, was created. As a hand-selected REACT Operator, it is your mission to confront the mysterious creatures known as the Archæans.” That pretty much sets the scene and got me ready to take on missions with my list of 19 unique operators. 

Rainbow Six: Extraction can be really fast-paced FPS at times. Rainbow Six: Extraction put the BenQ TK700 to the test. Reaction time counts in this type of gaming. The BenQ TK700 is a 4K HDR, 16ms low input lag (4K@60Hz), Short Throw Gaming Projector. BenQ specifically designed the TK700 for competition console gaming. As expected, I never had an issue with fast-paced gaming.

Rainbow Six Extraction TK700 game mode setting
TK700 Fast mode setting

As previously stated, Rainbow Six: Extraction can be really fast-paced FPS at times; admittedly, usually when my slow and steady sneaking around enemy Archæans fails. There is no time for high input lag. Some projectors have Game Settings to enhance gaming. 

The TK700 auto switches to HDR GameFPS and then gives the option of turning Fast Mode on or off. The FPS HDR Game mode paired with Fast Mode helped save me numerous times while playing the new Crisis Event called Spillover. In Spillover, the objective is to plant a REACT dissolution agent canister to annihilate colonies of Archæan Sprawl.

I would set up my REACT Auto-Turret to cover the direction I thought the Archæans would attack me from. The Auto-Auto turret is a deployable turret that automatically targets attacking Archæans and defends your position from almost every angle. The keyword there is “almost.” I found out that the Archæans would break through walls behind me and out of view of the Auto-Turret for a sneak attack. As soon as I heard the Archæans trying to sneak up from behind, I was able to take full advantage of the optimized latency provided by the game mode settings.

I quickly spun my operator around and took out the attacking Archæans before they got to my operator without any lag. High input lag would have left me vulnerable to the Archæans surprise attacks. Quick pro-tip, after setting your dissolution agent canister, quickly set up your REACT Auto-Turret to cover the main attacking avenues, remember barricade doorways, windows, and destructible walls, and then constantly scan your surroundings so you can see if anything is trying to sneak up behind you or your Auto-Turret. Trust me, you will last a lot longer during the Spillover Crisis Event.

Game modes that optimize latency go a long way in helping gamers be successful in FPS games.

Fast Mode minimizes the response time between the input source and the displayed image. So, for example, when I press the button to throw a remotely detonated Smoke Gas grenade, I need my character; call sign SMOKE, to throw a remotely detonated Smoke Gas Grenade before the horde of Archæans gets to me. So, I, of course, turned Fast Mode on for Rainbow Six: Extraction.

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