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Runco LS-10d Projector Calibration and Settings

Posted on July 18, 2013 by Art Feierman

Runco LS-10d Color Temperature

Lumen Output and Color Temp at 100 IRE for Various Color Temp Settings
5500 1299 @ 5485
6500 1479 @ 6423
7500 1619 @ 7385
9300 1808 @ 8929

There are no pre-set modes, but there is an adjustable color temp control. We measured white (100 IRE), at each color temp setting:


Color Temp over IRE Range, Best mode, (6500 Color Temp)
30 IRE 6496
50 IRE 6425
80 IRE 6422
100 IRE 6423

A quick look from dark gray to white for the 6500K setting reveals this:

Nice and tight grouping, just a tad shy of 6500K, so just a tad strong on red.

The 6500K setting was, as you can see, very close to on the money, though Mike reports too much red and blue in the brighter ranges - in otherwords thin on green around the brightest grays and white.

Runco LS-10d Basic Settings


Settings for measurements (default values are in parenthesis):

Contrast (0)= -1
Brightness (0)= 3
Color (0)
Color Temp (6500)

All other settings at default (untouched)
Measurements taken at mid-zoom and with lamp in Standard (High) mode

Note, with the LS-7, I wrote this about the adaptive contrast.

If you turn on Adaptive contrast, there goes your Contrast setting 103, with Adaptive on, is crushing everything even close to whites, on a 255 scale, probably everything over 210 is going pure white. On one scene from Quantum of Solace (speed boats, and big white wave spray), I had to drop contrast to below 72 to preserve the near whites, when Adaptive was selected. Be warned!

I managed to get through my entire visit with the LS-10d without turning it on. It wasn't missed, but for some extra punch, that can get over the top, try it out.

Runco LS-10 Calibration Settings

Color Temp 6500, Gamma on 2.2
Contrast (Gain)
R -5
G -1
B -2
Brightness (Offset)
R -1
G 0
B 0

Lumens at 100 IRE:            1465


Calibration settings for Custom 1:
ConstantContrast turned OFF

Mike would say, I believe, that the changes were very minor

Header Content
20 IRE 6713
30 IRE 6552
40 IRE 6539
50 IRE 6545
60 IRE 6532
70 IRE 6529
80 IRE 6527
90 IRE 6505
100 IRE 6556

That's a very pretty set of numbers, with the only slight deviation from near perfect, being down at 20 IRE. Even there, it's only a slight shift away from red. (Given a choice, I actually prefer the 10-20 IRE range to be cooler, than warmer than 6500K so I'm happy.)

Average gamma = 2.21

That about covers it. As Mike pointed out, you expect a projector this expensive too look good from the get-go, and the LS-10d, definitely does that.

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