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Samsung SP-A600 Projector Calibration and Settings1

Posted on October 17, 2013 by Art Feierman

RGB Settings

Mike reports that the Samsung calibrates easily (although a custom gamma adjustment would be a real plus).

Calibration settings: Movie 1 (User 1) mode:
User 1
Gain R = 43
G = 50
B = 50
Offset R = -1
G = -1
B = -1
Color Saturation: 46
Tint G54-R46
Gamma: Video   (measures 2.04)

Brightest Modes:

Vivid is the only mode significantly brighter than Movie 1. It is a bit over the top, but the best way to "fix" it, and still maintain brightness is to reduce contrast and color saturation. On the other hand, doing so also makes it less effective at cutting through ambient light. The color temperature is way off - over 9000K - so thin on reds (but for the oversaturation) and too strong on blues. Since Movie 1 mode is only about 30% less bright than Vivid, I figure that if you need to cut through ambient light, you'll probably run Vivid pretty much as it is, or try reducing the blue settings. Thing is, if you fully calibrate Vivid, it's going to lose a lot of lumens, and then, like Standard and Dynamic, be no brighter than Movie 1.

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