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Sanyo PLV-Z3000 Projector - Black Levels & Shadow Detail - 2

Posted on December 7, 2008 by Art Feierman

I also took side-by-side images with a fully black "image". There are no larger versions to click on. The interesting thing about shooting fully black "scenes" is that different projectors will close down their irises to different degrees. Just because one projector looks blacker on a black scene, does not guaranty that that projector is still blacker on a dark, but not fully black scene.

Sanyo on the right, Panasonic PT-AE3000 on the left
PLV-Z3000 on the right, Sony HW10 on the left.

Consider two additional images which are good ones for considering black levels. Look for the richness in the black part of some of the buildings and, also, the sky, in the second image. Both of these are digital hi-def images from the DVE-HD calibration disc.

Shadow Detail Performance

The PLV-Z3000 exhibits rather excellent shadow detail performance. It slightly bests the Panasonic PT-AE3000, and a touch more so, beats the Epson Home Cinema 6500UB. And all of them are at least very good. Shadow detail performance is a non-issue with the PLV-Z3000, it reveals plenty.

Panasonic PT-AE3000U
BenQ W5000

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