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Sony VPL-HW50ES Home Theater Projector Lag Test Results


I know this is a very expensive projector for most of us lowly gamers, butI am definitely not passing up having a crack at this beauty. Below are the lag times I experienced during the test. I am going to spend a few hours with it gaming, and hopefully get to watch Avengers in 3D on it. The gaming review of the Sony VPL-HW50ES should be up early next week! Until then, here’s a link to Art’s full review. See below for the lag test results, they are very acceptable:

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  • straxjam

    Wow !
    5 ms :O
    Sorry if you already precised this somewhere else on your website but, do you use a CRT monitor as reference ?
    Thanks !

    • Scott Shrieves

      I do not use a CRT, only because there aren’t many people out there that are still using one. I haven’t owned a CRT monitor in close to 10 years now, so I would not have a way of testing that.

  • straxjam

    Sorry I was too tired yesterday ^^
    50 ms not 5 !

    • Scott Shrieves

      It was about 50ms, I did not notice it at all while gaming. I did not have much time with the projector, and I did not turn off the Motion Flow Technology for testing so that was most likely the culprit. It would have performed better if I had, but I did not notice any lag on Borderlands 2 (PC), Street Fighter 4 (PS3), or Half-Life 2: Deathmatch (PC).

  • Matrixfan

    You should use a crt not because who uses it today but for the fact that crts do not have input lag. It is fundamental to the measurement. IMHO you should get one, the cheapest and smallest will do. The simpler electronics it has the better it is. With your current setup you should at least profile your TFT against a CRT to see how much input lag the TFT has. Now you can only tell how much the projector lags compared to the TFT as a relative value, but you don’t know the exact value. So not using a CRT kind of defies the purpose of this measurement. As a workaround you can either profile your current TFT or get one with a wery well known consistent low lag time, like a well reviewed TN gaming TFT. But please get a CRT if you can ! :)