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It's Home Projector Time Again!

Greetings everyone.  Hey, sorry I haven’t been around much the last 3 weeks.  After I got the 1080p Projector report posted, I had to delve right into a new report: The Classroom Projector Report (and it’s series of Best In Classroom awards).

Because the K-12 school market does almost all of its projector shopping research in April and May, and then goes out to bid in June, the Classroom report became a massive priority.   It was made worse this year because of the last minute arrivals of 3 important home theater projectors which severely delayed the 1080p (home projector) report to mid-April

Well, “I’m baaack”.  True, I still need to add about 8 hours to the Classroom report, and probably 5+ to the 1080p report, but I’m back to new stuff as well.

One of my first priorities is to start writing up the Mitsubishi HC6800 projector review. It was measured and calibrated, and watched for a whole bunch of hours before I started on the 1080p report, but there was no time to write it up first. Now’s the time.

And I’ve got a couple of “surprises” for you all.  Two more blogs coming tonight.  I’ll give you a clue:

a) We received our first Runco ever, to review

b) 3D is almost starting to come together…

c) InFocus SP8602 first of two updates

OK that’s it for now.  tic, tic, tic… to the next blog.

News And Comments

  • Nathan

    Art, I really enjoy your reviews, and the enthusiasm you put into your job.
    Just one thing; “it’s” means “it is” and “its” refers to whatever is belonging to the thing you just mentioned. You tend to do that a LOT.

    When all is said and done, I really appreciate you doing what you do for all of us out here.

    • Lisa Feierman

      Hi Nathan,

      You are absolutely correct, and I’m well aware of the problem. It really is almost total reflex. When I’m on a roll, my typing speed hits about 60+. Can’t help myself. When I think its it gets typed it’s. I stop and catch a number of them (brutal on the thinking/writing process to stop for typos), and my wife is supposed to hunt down the rest. I still imagine about 25% of the wrong ones make it thru, and probably 60-75% before my wife starts her proofing which depending on the rest of her life and other job, can take a good two weeks to get to, sometimes.

      I will try harder, but its a bitch (yeah, I know that one was supposed to be it’s, just making sure you’re paying attention to “it”).