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Here’s what’s going on in terms of review projectors:  The low cost 720p Epson Home Cinema 710 has been calibrated by Mike and I’m working with that now (literally, I’ve got it projecting Mad Money, while writing this), hoping to publish the review no later than next Monday.

Hit a snag with the Sharp XV-Z30000 projector unfortunately.  The unit arrived, Mike picked it up to calibrate and reported back that this Z30000 has severe problems.  This isn’t a brand new XV-Z30000, it came double boxed, with the outer box pretty trashed, but the inner one looked fine.  I assume shipping damage as this particular unit has, I believe, been reviewed by someone before me.

We reported this yesterday, and are still waiting for a response – such as how fast another will be available.

I’ll update here, when I know when another one is arriving, but I’m hoping that it will be days, not weeks.

That brings us to the SIM2 C3X Lumis, which may or may not make it.  Last I checked it was next week.

For those interested in more business oriented type projectors, Mike just started reviewing the Viewsonic Pro8300, a 3000 lumen 1080p business projector!  It is DLP, and uses a conventional lamp.

And, a few more other blogs for you coming up.  I think a month or two ago, I said that not long after infocomm (mid June) I’d get back to more frequent blogging and faster answering of questions.

Well, that time is now.  Stay tuned!  -art

News And Comments

  • Mark

    I hope you will review Acer’s new P7215 projector when it is available. With 6,000 lumens, single bulb and standard fixed lens (that you don’t have to buy separately) this projector is kind of in a class by itself. Although, I would like to know what the REAL lumen output is – that is always important! Hopefully it will be on the affordable side too.

    • Lisa Feierman

      Hi Mark,

      I have requested one. We shall see. -art