Runco LS-5 Projector Calibration and Settings

Mike performed his usual measurements and calibration on the Runco LS-5:

Runco LS-5 Color Temperature

Lumen Output and Color Temp at 100 IRE for Various Color Temp Settings
5500554 @ 5276
6500613 @ 6082
7500662 @ 6928
9300597 @ 8278
Native650 @ 6432

There are no pre-set modes, but there is an adjustable color temp control. We measured white (100 IRE), at each color temp setting:

Color Temp over IRE Range, 6500 and Native Color Temps
30 IRE60386427
50 IRE60686429
80 IRE60546434
100 IRE60826432

A quick look from dark gray to white for the 6500K setting reveals this:

Color Temp over IRE Range, 6500 and Native Color Temps:

Runco LS-5 Basic Settings


Settings for measurements (default values are in parenthesis):

Contrast (0)= -1
Brightness (0)= 3
Color (0)
Color Temp (6500)

All other settings at default (untouched)
Measurements taken at mid-zoom and with lamp in Standard (High) mode

Note, with the LS-7, I wrote this about the adaptive contrast.

If you turn on Adaptive contrast, there goes your Contrast setting 103, with Adaptive on, is crushing everything even close to whites, on a 255 scale, probably everything over 210 is going pure white. On one scene from Quantum of Solace (speed boats, and big white wave spray), I had to drop contrast to below 72 to preserve the near whites, when Adaptive was selected. Be warned!

I managed to get through my entire visit with the LS-5 without turning it on. It wasn’t missed, but for some extra punch, that can get over the top, try it out.

Runco LS-5 Calibration Settings



Calibration settings for Custom 1:
ConstantContrast turned OFF

Color Temp: Native, Gamma: 2.2

LS-5 Color Temp over IRE Range (Post calibration)
20 IRE6403
30 IRE6496
40 IRE6494
50 IRE6548
60 IRE6519
70 IRE6524
80 IRE6492
90 IRE6540
100 IRE6422

Average gamma = 2.18

LS-5 Color Temp over IRE Range (Post calibration):

Output: 648 lumens

That’s an exceptionally tight range from 20 to white, of only 15K and averaging just below a perfect 6500K.

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