Epson Pro Cinema 6030UB Projector – Showing at CEDIA 2013

Epson’s new Pro Cinema 6030UB replaces the 6020UB we reviewed last year.  Consider the Pro Cinema 6030UB to be a straight replacement for last year’s top Epson projector.

This new Epson 6030UB replaces last year's model with performance enhancements

As part of their Pro Cinema series, this projector will be sold by Epson’s authorized local dealer network, not online.  It is very similar to Epson’s online sold Home Cinema 5030UB, but finished in a black case not the Home Cinema’s usual white with black trim.  Look for increased contrast, and improved blacks over last years model.

The Pro Cinema 6030UB will have the usual 3 year warranty and replacement program.  It will also support two anamorphic lens modes (something the Home Cinema 5030UB can’t do).

There’s no boost in brightness, the PC6030UB claims the same 2400 lumens as the previous model.  Last year 2400 lumens was as bright as the Epsons got, but this year, that just puts it in the middle of Epson’s expanded Pro Cinema line which now also offers three brighter projectors with 4000, 5200 and 6000 lumens respectively.

Rear panel inputs of the Epson Pro Cinema 6030UB

Other features of the Pro Cinema 6030UB include THX modes (2D and 3D), ISF certification, Super-Resolution which is Epson’s “dynamic detail enhancement”, picture in picture, an a new black and white mode optimized for black and white movies.

Plenty of lumens for 3D performance, and apparently new improved 2D to 3D conversion.

This Pro Cinema 6030 is  perhaps Epson’s classic projector for a home theater environment. You just don’t need the power of the three brighter Epsons unless you have a huge screen (think 150 – 200″ diagonal) or a room with lots of lighting issues.   Like its predecessor, it should prove a great projector for your dedicated theater, with performance mostly rivaling much more expensive projectors.   Pricing should be under $4000 with all those extras – ceiling mount, 2 pair of 3D glasses, and a spare lamp, oh yes, also a cable cover!


News and Comments

  • Thanks for sharing this post.It help me to purchase a new projectors which gives us better quality with latest features

  • HiHoStevo

    Well Art… The 6030 may finally be the Epson I wind up buying… LoL.

    In a light controlled Theater do you suppose it would be adequate to do 3D on a (claimed 1.8 gain) 135″ screen?

    Or do I need to be looking at the bigger guns?

    • HiHO! Greetings, I would say you are good. I find (in anamorphic shape) my 2.35:1 Studiotek 130 (1.3 gain) is adequate for 3D viewing. Not particularly bright, and I normally use 3D Dynamic, not 3D THX or 3D Cinema. Since your screen has about 40% more gain and your screen size is only about 10% larger, I’d say you are good to go. At 110″ diagonal, the Epson 3D is reasonably bright with the glasses on the middle position… I consider myself to be more “dim adverse” than most others. As you certainly know I’ve been bitching about underpowered 3D projectors for 3 years now… -art

  • Ghyan Koehne

    Hi Art, I’m curious about the 6030’s anamorphic lens modes. Have been planning on buying a 5020 (or a 5030 now) but the mention of anamorphic support in this write up caught my attention. I’m planing on going with a 2.4: 1 screen so I’m curious what this feature is. Also, is the performance of the 6030 better than the 5030 as far as brightness, color, black level, sharpness, 3d, etc or are they identical? Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Ghyan,

      Consider the 5030 and 6030 to be identical in performance, with the features being the difference (black case, anamorphic, cable cover, longer warranty…)

      The 6030 supports an anamorphic lens (you’d probably want the low cost Panamorph lens – about $1500 list in the US. The 6030 I believe, has two modes, so you do not need to use a motorized sled. -art