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2D Image Quality - Color: Epson HC5010 vs. Panasonic PT-AE7000

Posted on November 25, 2011 by Art Feierman

2D Image Quality - Color: Epson HC5010 vs. Panasonic PT-AE7000

Both projectors calibrate well. Both have good out of the box modes. Panasonic recommends it's Rec 709 mode as best for calibrating. Epson said (after the fact) the same for their Natural mode (their Rec 709), although Mike calibrated the Epson's Cinema mode, not Natural.

Images above: PT-AE7000 left, HC5010 right, for your consideration - These are 2D images, the Epson was placed into eco-mode to reduce brightness. The end result, is that the Panasonic appears a touch brighter (instead of significantly darker).

Overall, consider these two projectors to be able to put up an excellent calibrated final image when it comes to color. Based on Mike's work, I'll give those Rec 709 modes the slight advantage in natural look and feel, but Mike's calibrated Cinema definitely adds some additional "pop" to its picture.

Bottom Line: It's roughly a tie between these two, with the real difference likely to be the calibrator and the calibration itself. Strictly on the basis of color, let's call these two a tie.

3D Image Quality - Color: Epson HC5010 vs. Panasonic PT-AE7000.

Neither projector in 3D has as accurate color as in 2D. Let me clarify, that's based on viewing calibrated 2D on both "best" modes. We didn't actually calibrate 3D performance - don't have the tools. The Epson ran in default 3D Cinema, vs. the Panasonic using the calibrated REC 709, but running it in 3D where other factors may be changing the color balance (including the glasses). Both did a nice job, that didn't look as good as 2D.

In brightest 3D modes, after Mike's tweaking for improved picture/color in Dynamic mode, the Epson had the slightly better color of the two:

The First, The 3D version of the same image used above, from Legends of Flight (Blu-ray 3D). Both are in brightest mode. PT-AE7000 on the left.

Remain, in 3D, Panasonic on the left: This side-by-side pair is with both in "brightest" 3D mode. Belo

Above: Panasonic, REC709 + 3D. Right, Epson, at full power, 3D Cinema. Both are running "best mode" at full power, making the Epson image much brighter. (The camera makes more of the extra 40% in brightness of the Epson, than our eyes do, but, it's still a significant brightness difference.

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