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Acer H6500 Image Quality 3

Posted on June 29, 2012 by 

Color and Low-Def

When you are driving a 100 inch, or 130 inch screen, and sitting 10 - 15 feet away, for the most part, you do not want to be viewing low-def  TV.  DVDs are sufficiently bad enough compared to Blu-ray, but standard TV compared to HDTV - not even in the same universe.  I generally avoid standard TV in my theater.

Here's why:  The image below from Fashion Police - on the E! channel which is not HD.   Arrgh!  OK, it's no worse than on an LCDTV, except that you have a big screen, and it has terribly low resolution... ouch!  The sad thing is that on a $10K projector, Fashion Police isn't likely to look much better, but for more accurate colors.

Low Def:   I picked a scene rich in colors, so it wouldn't look so bad.  The color brightness helps, you should see how bad a dull scene can look in low def, from a standard NTSC (US) TV image.

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Bottom Line on viewing HDTV and Sports

Other than the lack of any "smooth motion" feature, a trait shared by almost all under $1000 projectors, consider the H6500 projector to do a really nice job on sports.  Lots of "pop and wow"!  A rather crisp looking image, etc.  Definitely a contender in the price range.

Moving to other HDTV - you can get some other low cost projectors to produce more accurate color, so if you watch a lot of general HDTV, especially shows where color is important, there are competitors that can be more easily adjusted, and can put a better image on the screen in terms of color accuracy.

Ultimately though, it's a great, and bright little projector that will prove to be rather good for the sports fanatic wanting a big setup, on a small budget.

3D:  Once again, this Acer is not a 3D capable projector.  If you want 3D for your sports and TV viewing, you can have it, and you don't have to spend that much more.  If that is your goal, start looking elsewhere.  We've already reviewed a couple, but none yet, quite this inexpensive.

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