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Acer H9500BD Projector - Warranty

Posted on July 10, 2013 by Art Feierman

Acer H9500BD Projector - Warranty

The base warranty is 1 year parts and labor for the H9500BD from Acer. In addition Acer provides a 5 year warranty on the DLP chip.

We're seeing more of this type of warranty on projectors, although still not very common (other than lamps).

It's like cars with 2 year warranties that have 100,000 warranty on the drivetrain. They put the longest warranty on the part that is likely to last the longest.

Well, I've never really heard of a modern day DLP chip failure. So, while the 5 years is a nice touch, consider it more marketing than benefit.

In the $1500 to $2500 price range there are likely about an even number of one and two year warranties, and a smattering of 3 year ones. In the under $2000 price range, I believe only Epson offers a replacement program, although some othe manufacturers offer one at higher prices.

Overall, that makes the Acer H9500DB warranty on the low side of average. I don't like seeing only 1 year warranties. It's the only time I recommend considering a 3rd party extended warranty. The reason - projector repairs can be very expensive out of warranty. At least if you have 2 years coverage, and your projector fails not long after that, a better replacement might make more sense, for about the same cost of the more expensive repairs, especially if you figure how much of your lamp has been used. If you have a $500 repair, and say will soon need at $250 lamp, for the $999 projector you bought 2 and a half years ago, and you can buy, today, a better projector for $699, why repair the old one, and still have it, and no warranty.

Choose wisely. A longer, better warranty has real value to many people.

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