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Acer K11 Projector: Video Quality

Posted on September 28, 2013 by Art Feierman

Acer K11 Projector: Video Quality

While the K11 is more likely to be used for still presentations rather than video, it accounted for itself quite nicely.  I used the DVD playback from my laptop computer, connected via HDMI, to check out the video quality.  The low lumen output requires a light-controlled environment, but the good color reproduction in Bright mode provides a very good video experience.  With no color wheel, the typical DLP rainbow effect (most often noticeable in lower cost projectors) is eliminated.  While the K11 will not likely be anyone’s preferred video display device, it is very watchable for short to medium length video presentations.

When it comes to audio, the K11’s tiny, one-watt speaker is only suitable for very small groups or for sound effects more than speech.  Unfortunately, there is no audio output, so you’ll have to split off the audio at the source.

Overall, with the proper light controlled environment, the K11 is able to provide solid video reproduction, while maintaining good color balance and contrast.

Acer K11 Projector - Brightness

Acer K11 projector in Bright mode

Acer K11 Projector - Brightness

The K11 is rated at 200 lumens.  As there is no zooming ability, all measurements were taken with the projector displaying a 50” diagonal image with the projector just under 7 feet from the screen.  Consistent with other reviews, our measurements were taken at the brightest point of the image (usually near the center bottom of the image).

Selecting the Bright picture mode (the brightest), we measured a high of 209 lumens, just as advertised.  Using Presentation mode, the output dropped to 177 lumens.  Next, Standard mode dropped to 167 lumens.  Video and Picture modes, which were very similar in appearance, also were nearly identical in lumen output at 133 and 135 lumens respectively.  Game mode increased the output to 152 lumens and User mode (in its default settings) was equal to Bright mode at 209 lumens.

In addition to the above picture modes, the K11 also has settings to maintain decent color when projecting on walls of different colors.  The wall color setting is available in any picture mode and affects the lumen output of the Bright picture mode as follows:  White (default mode) – 209 lumens, Yellow – 197 lumens, Grey – 205 lumens, Pink – 177 lumens and Black – 164 lumens.

Acer K11 Projector - Audible Noise

As the Acer K11 uses LEDs rather than a lamp, heat generation is reduced and the two small fans that create air flow through the projector are relatively quiet.  Acer does not provide a dB rating, but I would guess it to be well under 30 dB.  This is a good thing, as the puny built-in one watt speaker will not be able to overcome much noise.

Acer K11 Part and Labor Warranty

Acer offers the standard (for projectors in this class) one year parts and labor warranty coverage for the K11.  While most projectors with conventional lamps only offer a separate 90-day warranty on the lamp, the K11’s LED light source is rated at 30,000 hours, so it’s easily included in the one year projector warranty.  This is quite a plus as most replacement lamps are equal to half the cost of the K11.

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